Happy Friday! Cheers to the weekend! I had a bit of a weird week. Weird isn’t really the right word but it’s all that’s coming to me at the moment so we’re going to go with it. On Monday I had something happen to me that I could of either been super stressed and emotional about ( don’t get me wrong, I did cry for a few solid hours ) or turn it around and make it a positive for my life. After allowing myself to get all my emotions out and bouncing ideas off of Chris, I made the choice to make it a positive! There’s that saying that goes something like, “everything in life is a blessing or a lesson” but I like to think that everything that happens to us in this life is a blessing AND a lesson. Because I’ve talked about this before but it is my strongest belief that everything truly does happen for a reason.

That little rant of mine has nothing to do with sunscreen, and I’ll get to that in a second, I just want anyone out there that’s going through some major life changes at the moment that it’s going to be ok! It might not seem like it right this very second, but just take a second, sit down, close your eyes, and really think about what’s happening. I bet you could come up with AT LEAST one positive thing 🙂 It may seem like the end of world right now, but it could bring you the best opportunity ever, you won’t know till you let life do it’s thing. Ya know?

Now, SUNSCREEN. One of my favorite things on earth. If there is a random disease out there that causes you to be literally terrified of getting wrinkles, I have it LOL. So I take alllllll the precautionary measures I can!

I put sunscreen on my face multiple times throughout the day, I have a designated “car sunscreen” that I keep in my purse to slather on my hands and arms for while I’m driving, and I even put sunscreen in my hair to protect it from UV rays.

I grabbed all my current favorites for the photos in this postand will write how/when I use them below. I’m also going to be sharing my sunscreen “wishlist” if you will, basically just all the ones I’m dying to try but can’t really justify purchasing until after I use all these up LOL.sunscreen_guide sunscreen_guide sunscreen_guide sunscreen_guide


  1.  Alba Botanicals Hawaiian Sunscreen – I bought this brand for the first time last summer before a trip to Maui for my best friends wedding. I bought a few other natural sunscreens as well and this ended up being my favorite. It smells INCREDIBLE. Like I kind of would wear it as a perfume? And works extremely well. I definitely recommend this brand for a natural alternative to whatever your current go – to is.
  2. Elta MD UV Sport Broad Spectrum Sunscreen –  My good old car sunscreen! I love that this brand is a zinc mineral sunscreen and pretty affordable considering that fact. It’s the perfect size to fit in any size purse, glove box, or center console and completely gets the job done.
  3. Alterna Bamboo Beach BB Balm For Hair – If the name didn’t tip you off, this is what I use to protect my hair. It’s natural, it smells like a tropical island, it adds shine & moisture, reduces frizz, and keeps my hair from getting damaged from UV rays. Win, win, win, win!
  4. Diorsnow UV Protection – I originally received this as a gift and I couldn’t find it anywhere online! 🙁 Sooo I linked something extremely similar that I’ve tried and love just as much. Basically you won’t lose with any Dior purchase. I love the travel sizes for my beach bags on those trips when you can’t check a bag. Ya know?!
  5. Pixi Sun Mist – This is one of my favorites for everyday! It’s all natural ( as is everything from Pixi, I love it! ), and sprays out as a clear mist. Perfect to spritz on after applying your moisturizer and before your makeup. Also, this is another I try to keep with me if I’m going to be outside for a few hours or all day, so I can keep spritzing every once in a while to ensure my face is protected the entire time I’m in the sun.

Basically I just need someone to follow me around with a sun umbrella or something then I really won’t have to worry about those pesky wrinkles 😉

Now for my sunscreen wish list!

This caffeinated sunscreen for you face that is SPF 50. Full protection and a nice wake up call? Sign me up!

Glossier’s new sunscreen because DUH!

The Naked Bee. This sunscreen is made from bee pollen, is packed with vitamin C and has orange blossom. What’s not to love?

Coola Organic Sun Care. It’s organic, it’s cucumber, it needs to get in my life.

So many sunscreens, so little time LOL. Good thing I live in Texas where the sun is almost shining! It’s super important to wear sunscreen even on cloudy days though, just so ya’ll know:) Not only do we not want wrinkles & sun spots, we don’t want cancer either, am I right?

What are ya’lls favorite sunscreens? DO TELL!

Cheers, Madison.

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