Hey hey happy Monday everybody! These photos have nothing to do with this post, the photographer from my Working With Women post just sent them to me last night and I’m OBSESSED so I just had to post them haha. Anywhooo, I hope you all had fun, productive, possibly champagne filled weekends 🙂 I am still majorly cramping ( sorry if that’s TMI ) from my IUD Insertion a week ago so I did a lot of relaxing around the house. On Sunday though I completely re did an old dresser and it turned out SO CUTE I want to show literally everyone I know.

I would show ya’ll right now BUUUUT this brings me to my next point…

So you know how I’ve been talking about us moving for like a month now on here? Well what happened was, our apartment lease was up at the end of June. Chris was interviewing for a bunch of different jobs all around the metroplex and we just didn’t feel comfortable resigning the lease where we lived just in case his job ended up not being near there. SO his sweet parent’s said we could move in with them until we figured it out.

We’ve been at his parents a few weeks now and thankfully we haven’t really unpacked any of our stuff ( even though I think I might actually be slowly going insane because of the clutter that’s currently surrounding me everywhere I look LOL ) because he got a job over an hour away from here and we found THE CUTEST LITTLE HOUSE EVER to rent closer to his work. So this means were moving again!

life_update life_update

So, back to the dresser. I have biiiiiiig plans for this little house, ya’ll. Big. Plans. I’ve never really had my own “home”. In college I lived with roommates, and yes, I got to decorate my room how I wanted to, but the rest of the apartment was always shared with other girls. Then, when Chris and I moved in together, he had actually already been living in the apartment and I just kinda brought all my stuff in and had to find places for it. This is the first space where we’ll be moving into together, at the same time, and it just feels really really special to me.

I’m seriously giddy thinking about having each of our families over for dinner and cooking for everyone, having “grown up” dinner parties and game nights with our friends, and really being able to go allll out on decorations for the holidays. Like I CANT WAIT to give candy to all the little trick or treaters in the neighborhood on Halloween and seriously don’t even get me started on my plans for Christmas because I could talk about that for forever.

But unfortunately we are not billionaires which means I unfortunately cannot buy all the furniture and decor that I want for this house all at one time. So that means re doing old pieces and making them new again, and slowly getting one room finished at a time, as we can afford it. I completely plan on bringing you guys along for the whole journey because I know I can’t be the only interior design lover on a budget out there, am I right?!

I don’t want to show photos of the dresser yet because I want our bedroom to be finished and exactly how I want it, before I photograph it and post it on here. I plan on doing tours of each room as I finish them, I cannot wait!

I just want the house to feel cozy, welcoming to guests, comfortable, and relaxing. Think plants, neutral colors with pretty light greens and lots of natural wood accents.


OH, and before I let you guys go ( if you aren’t sick of reading this entirely too long of a post already LOL ) I have another life update! I am starting school to get my estheticians license at the end of August! YAY. You guys I don’t know why I didn’t think of doing this sooner. I just kind of had a lightbulb a couple months ago while I was getting a Brazilian and I was like “ok I’m obsessed with waxing, makeup, eyelashes, skincare, oils… all things skin… why am I not doing this as a job?????” so I made plans to do it as a job! I am obviously very excited to learn everything about everything that I’m already obsessed with. I am going to do a “weekly skincare” post with something that I learned that week at school that I think ya’ll would love.

Ok that was a lot of information. I am so just so excited about life right now and it is such a good feeling!

What are some specific home things you guys would wanna see? Please, tell!

I hope you have a great Monday evening, thank you so much for reading!

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