Little Miss Eloise

Smiling Eloise

I would like to take the great pleasure in introducing everyone to my perfect, snuggly, little fur baby, Eloise. Yes, to answer your first burning question, I sure did name her after the greatest Christmas movie ever, Eloise At The Plaza. 

Me and Eloise

She enjoys my big fur blanket, dried wild caught salmon kitty treats, kisses on her perfect little pink nose, and sitting on my lap any time I sit down.

Eloise and Ariel Shirt

I adore her for not only being my numero uno cuddle buddy, but also because her unconditional love has helped get me through a completely broken heart. I am 100% crazy for my cat, and I am not even a tinsy bit ashamed of that!


xx, Madison & Eloise

Best Advice I’ve Ever Received

I think by now everyone of you have heard the quote that goes something like, “be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a battle.” I have learned that couldn’t be more true. Life can be wonderful and magical and make you feel like you’re flying, but then it can be dark and stormy and push you down farther than you ever thought possible. And these two parts of life come in waves, sometimes all at once, sometimes so far apart you forget the other side even exists. It’s so very important to remember to be thankful for both sides though, because without one, the other wouldn’t be so vivd and prominent in shaping who you become. When the dark and stormy times hit, like they have recently for me, it can feel impossible to reach for the sunshine and get yourself out, but you WILL get there. One of my parent’s good friends (he is a ridiculously smart, funny, genuinely amazing pediatrician) told me something on New Years Eve that will stick with me for the rest of my life.

You can look ahead to the future, but don’t forget to stop and enjoy the right now, because it will be gone before you know it.

I’m sure everyone has been told some variation of that by someone at some point in their lives, and we need to listen to them because it really is just so true and so important! Even if the right now is crying every day and not wanting to leave your room, it is happening and it is making you into the person that you will be.

I think accepting the emotions, letting yourself feel them fully and wholeheartedly, no matter what they are, is the first step in moving on and loving yourself for it! The dark and stormy times always pass eventually, and if you let them, they can bring more sunshine than you’ve ever seen before.

xx, Madison

My Hansderma Ice Roller

So I was ordering some books on Amazon one day and this ice roller popped up in my suggested section and I was intrigued immediately. It’s this little hand held thing that has a detachable water/gel filled roller on the end that you keep in the freezer until you want to use it. Reading about it, I discovered that rolling this cold thing on your face for a few minutes every morning helps with tons of things! It gets rid of eye puffiness (no matter what I do, my eyelids are puffy every single morning when I wake up, so this was major, I’ll try anything at this point), it shrinks your pores, it helps with any bruising that you may have from any facial procedure, it helps with redness and swelling, and since its literally freezing, it helps wake your ass up. Bonus! Being a twenty three year old, I might be a little too worried about wrinkles for this stage of my life, but I am firm believer in early prevention, so this is an awesome and super duper easy thing that you can do every day, that could make a majorly huge difference later on in life. Plus, it feels amazing.

Try it out, guys!  You can thank me later.

xx, Madison

Hi everyone,

I’m Madison, it is so wonderful to meet all of you! My goal with this website is to create a space for people of all ages and all kinds to come where they can learn to love themselves first, be creative, get happy and become inspired. In a word, I would love to help you find your bliss, preferably while you are sippin on some bubbly! Im new at this, but hey, every great adventure has to start somewhere, am I right?

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