Boho Braids – Perfect Summer Syle

Summer and braids are just kind of one in the same, don’t you agree? I know I can’t be the only one completely obsessed with braiding my hair. Its so easy, and can completely dress up or dress down any outfit. Especially here in Texas with it getting to be over 100 degrees along with humidity, a cute & easy style, that keeps the hair out of your face is a MUST. That means BOHO BRAIDS!

Easy Boho Braids with Bliss and Bubbly -

This style can be done on short or long hair, and is extremely easy. All you need is some bobby pins, and some clear tiny hair ties.

Step One:

On one side of your head, complete two semi loose braids. Have one start higher towards your scalp, the other a little farther down. Only braid about halfway down, don’t go all the way to the ends. Once you tie your braid, pull the loops out a little bit to add some volume to the braid.

Easy Boho Braids with Bliss and Bubbly -

Step Two:

Pull back the hair around your crown, and pin with bobby pins. This will take some weight off trying to pin it all up along with the braids.

Easy Boho Braids with Bliss and Bubbly -

Step Three:

On the other side, complete just one loose braid, and pull apart like you did in step one, tying it tight at the end.

Easy Boho Braids with Bliss and Bubbly -

Step Three:

Pull all three of your braids back to the middle of your head, and pin right along the crown where you already began pinning your loose, unbraided hair.

Easy Boho Braids with Bliss and Bubbly -

I overlapped them to add more dimension and volume. SO EASY AND SO CUTE RIGHT?

This literally takes ten minutes and looks like you tried super hard. I don’t about y’all but that is my absolute favorite kind of hairstyle.

Try it out & let me know how it goes! What’s your go – to easy hair style for summer?

Easy Boho Braids with Bliss and Bubbly -

xx, Madison.

Daily Meal Advice – Nutritionist Steven Macari

I am constantly working on loving and bettering myself, daily. I believe a lot of that starts with a healthy lifestyle from within! What you put in your body every single day is so extremely important. It effects literally every single thing about how you look, feel, and act. In my personal opinion, our bodies take pretty dang good care of us, so in turn we should take even better care of them and give them what they need – nutrients!

My mom has been dealing with constant joint pain ( among other issues ) for years now. No doctor can figure out what is wrong with her, but they all say her symptoms point to autoimmune diseases. About a year ago I started exhibiting some similar symptoms to her’s and freaked out. I do all this crazy obsessive research for her ( and me ) to hopefully help anyone else out there looking for holistic ways to help their bodies heal.

I came across a nutritionist named Steven Macari ( the internet is a wonderful place don’t you think? ) and he founded a company named SLVRBK ( they make gorgeous & multi functional yoga mats ) and also a website called THE WAVE STATE which offers products, services, and content to help get you to “The Wave State” of being. He lists out 17 steps to change your state of being, and it is seriously insanely wonderful and amazing to read.

A quote of Steve’s that stuck out to me was “When you are in The Wave State life just flows”.

I mean, how true right?! When you feel amazing from the inside out, everything else in life falls into place one way or the other.

Steven wrote an article for Harpers Bazaar about what he typically eats in a day. After obsessing over that article and immediately updating my grocery list to make a plan of my own similar to his for the next few weeks, I looked up his Wave State method and was sold.
It just makes sense. Check it out for yourself from the link I posted above and trust me, you will absolutely not be disappointed.

So, this Day In The Life is similar to Steven’s, but I customized it to fit my lifestyle, as you should as well.


I start each morning with my Hansderma Ice Roller and a glass of water with some fresh squeezed lemon and just a pinch of sea salt. A small amount of fruit juice first thing in the morning is a great, natural, way to kickstart your metabolism and sea salt is hydrating while preparing your body for optimal digestion through out the day.


Breakfast – most important meal of the day people! I usually have 2 whole eggs scrambled in Coconut Oil ( I’m dying to try Ghee as well ), some fresh fruit and a cup of coffee with whole milk or heavy whipping cream. If I don’t have time to cook, then sit and eat, I whip up a smoothie. My go to is almond milk, 1 banana, a handful of frozen blueberries, chia, hemp and flax seeds, a spoonful of plain greek yogurt, and a handful of organic spinach leaves. With a coffee to go, of course!


Lunch – perfect time to mentally and physically re group at work. I make a salad with chicken and veggies. My favorite veggies to include are cucumbers, tomatoes and calamata olives ( I am obsessed with greek food ) drizzled with a little bit of olive oil, then sprinkled with some fresh cracked pepper and sea salt. DELISH. Lunch is also the perfect opportunity to use the leftovers from your dinner the night before. So if you didn’t have chicken, use what ever protein you had and call it good.


Fruit and cheese. Two of my favorite words ( and foods ) right there, people. My favorite combos are apple slices with brie or white cheddar and cantaloupe. If I am feeling lightheaded or shaky, I add a handful of almonds to this snack because that’s my body’s way of telling me I need more protein.


I love cooking dinner for myself or for my family. A great fresh, springy/summer dinner is sautéed wild caught shrimp, wild or white rice, and pepper and onions. I put red chili flakes and cumin on literally everything because, the spicer the better, but put your twist on it! I love to switch up the protein every night between chicken, fish, and red meat, because one, it keeps everyone involved from getting bored and choosing something unhealthy instead, and also because it’s a great way to ensure your body is getting lots of different important nutrients.


I either make Turmeric Milk, or I will boil some water, mix in a tablespoon of Gelatin Powder and toss in a chamomile ( or whatever kind of night time tea I’m in the mood for ) tea bag.

There ya have it, folks. I don’t look at this as a “diet”in any way shape or form. It is literally a way of life. Being healthy and giving my body what it needs is so important to feeling and looking great, and who doesn’t want that? And, if you don’t want to listen to me, check out Steven Macari, because he knows what he’s doing!

And I’m not saying that I don’t love a good margarita with some chips and queso, or a cheeseburger with grilled onions from In N’ Out. Life is allll about enjoying yourself and I would never ever, ever want anyone to deny themselves something they want. Just remember that pesky little word…. MODERATION! 🙂

Do any of you guys have any fresh and delicious foods I missed? Or awesome bed time rituals? I’d love to hear.

xx, Madison

HOW TO: Throw A BadAss Bachelorette Party

This last weekend a few of my friends and I threw my best friend a Bachelorette Party. It was a lake house weekend getaway and it was PERFECT. She is getting married in Maui in a few months so obviously the party was Palm Tree/Flamingo/Pineapple/Turtle themed ( I couldn’t narrow it down, ok? LOL ).

How to throw a badass bachelorette party -

Deciding on a theme was the easy part. I am going to break it down step by step for ya’ll so next time you are in charge of planning a Bachelorette Party it will be easy peasy lemon squeezy!

Step one…. THEME. Go with something that has to do with the theme of her wedding, or something that she loves. Mine was super easy with her’s being in Maui aka everything beachy. Her and her fiancé are also obsessed with turtles, so they had to make some appearances as well 🙂

Step two…. LOCATION. One of the other Bridesmaids families owns a lake house and were nice enough to let us use it for the weekend, which couldn’t have been more perfect. If you don’t have a situation like that, ask the bride where she wants to go! If this involves getting a hotel, make sure to book enough rooms waaaay ahead of time to get rid of the stress right away. Knowing that everyone has a safe place to sleep is too important to put off until the last minute.

Step three…. INVOLVING EVERYONE in the planning. I won’t lie, this can get tough, especially if there are lots of girls involved. I had the theme planned out, and a very detailed Pinterest board of exactly what I wanted everything to look like. BUT it’s important to ask the other girl’s opinions on things, and to see if they have different/better ideas than you do.

Step four…. DECORATIONS. A few weeks before the party I emailed everyone a list of links from Amazon, Etsy, Target etc… of things that needed to be ordered to make sure that everything got here in time for the party. I made sure everyone’s list totaled out to around the same amount so that no one spent more than someone else. Then you can get all the rest of the things like plates, cups, balloons, all those things, a few days before at a party supply store. We made tassels with paper lantern for a fun photo back drop. We got balloons and wrote her notes on them in sharpie, which turned out super cute. Also, mylar balloons are a total hit, and look amazing in photos. It really comes down to the thoughtful details that are meaningful to the bride!

How to throw a badass bachelorette party - How to throw a badass bachelorette party - How to throw a badass bachelorette party - How to throw a badass bachelorette party -

Step five… THE MENU. With so much alcohol being involved, having easy meals planned out is a must. If you are going out and staying in a hotel, this isn’t as important, but you should try to have a few reservations set at restaurants the bride will love so that way when it comes down to time to eat you aren’t waiting around for everyone to come to a decision. I went with easy, delicious, and cheap. The first night we had a build your own taco bar. Everyone loves tacos and the ingredients are totally doable, no matter how much you’ve had to drink ;). Breakfast was eggs & donuts. Lunch – sandwiches, chips, salsa & fruit. You know, all the good drunk snacky foods. Dinner for the second night was frozen pizzas. PERFECT.

How to throw a badass bachelorette party - How to throw a badass bachelorette party -

Step six… ALCOHOL. Make a list of the drinks everyone is going to want to make, then be sure all the ingredients needed for those drinks make it onto the liquor store list. It’s also a fun idea to have a “signature drink” for the bride. My best friend is obsessed with Moscow Mules so we made our own tropical version and added Pineapple Juice, MMMM.

Step seven… GAMES. My friend really wanted lingerie involved. So, in addition to everyone getting her some lingerie we played a super fun underwear game. Everyone buys a pair of underwear that reminds them of the bride. Hang them up, and the bride has to guess who got her which pair. If she guesses wrong, she takes a shot, if she guesses right, all the other girls take a shot. We got a pineapple piñata and filled it with blow pops & mini plastic bottles of alcohol which also a big hit. If you are near the water, fun festive floaties are a MUST.

How to throw a badass bachelorette party - How to throw a badass bachelorette party -

Also… really cute picture idea is to get some sparklers and have everyone stand together. Just be careful with this one, especially with alcohol involved.

How to throw a badass bachelorette party - How to throw a badass bachelorette party - How to throw a badass bachelorette party -

Most importantly, your friends & the bride are going to appreciate all the hard work you did to make the Bachelorette Party amazing, and the pictures & memories you’ll have forever afterwards make all the stress and drama completely worth it!

What are some of your favorite Bachelorette Party themes/memories?

xx, Madison

How to throw a badass bachelorette party -

Night Time Habits of My Fav Successful Women

As a strong woman, I believe that it is important to have other strong women to look up to and gain experience and advice from. Even if it’s through the internet because they are famous and not your actual real life friends….. ( but hey, never say never ).Night Time Habits of Successful Women -

These night time tips are what some of my favorite successful women swear by, and after trying them out, so do I.

Lauren Conrad ( Author, TV Personality, Blogger, Fashion Designer, Overall gorgeous human being… ) stresses the importance of taking a few minutes ( at least ) for yourself at the end of the day, and keeping a to – do list by your bed.

Gweneth Paltrow ( Actress, Author ) takes nightly Epsom bath’s with a few drops of essential oils. This is something I’ve been doing for months because one, it’s incredibly relaxing, and two because it helps with a lot of my lower back pain and headaches.

Lena Dunham ( Actress, Author, Influencer ) keeps a constantly changing stack of books next to her bed. SAME, GIRL. Reading before bed is the best.

Jamie King ( Model, Actress ) stresses the importance of washing your face every. single. night. We’ve all heard this a million times, but it’s sooo true.

Vera Wang ( Fashion Designer / My dream wedding dress designer ) says to decorate your bedroom to aid in relaxation so it becomes your sanctuary. This is mucho important. Your bedroom should be clean and organized and a place you go to relax, not stress out.

Blake Lively ( Actress ) says she can’t go to bed without eating a piece of dark chocolate because “it helps her morale” which I think is awesome. I don’t do this every single night, but sometimes a square of sea salt dark chocolate is exactly what a girl needs, ya know?

What are some night time habits you swear by? The more unique and random, the better!

xx, Madison

RICH BITCH – Nicole Lapin

Rich Bitch by Nicole Lapin is a book that is circling the blogging world & for a very good reason. ITS AMAZING. On the cover it says “A Simple 12-Step Plan for Getting Your Financial Life Together… Finally” and that’s literally all you need to know. Don’t get fooled by the cover, or the title, because it’s honestly nothing like it sounds. It applies to anyone & everyone! She has a way of writing that is very conversational and easy to follow along. For a book about money and finances ( which I personally find extremely hard/confusing to talk about ) it is so easy to read it’s ridiculous. Her 12 step plan is 100% doable and it also gave me a total boost of motivation and confidence to really get going on my money saving plan! Perfect timing to really accomplish one of my JUNE GOALS.

Book Club with Bliss & Bubbly - RICH BITCH www.blissandbubbly

Honestly, order this book on AMAZON right now, read it this weekend, and prepare to be motivated x23957834 to get your finical shiz together! Tell your mom, your brother, your grandma, your boyfriend, literally everyone. It’s a book every single one of us needs to read.

Let me know if you loved it as much as I did!

xx, Madison

Monthly Goals – JUNE

Holy guacamole can anyone even believe that it is JUNE already?! I feel like I was just sipping ( chugging… 😉 ) champagne on NYE. I have never really been a “New Year’s Resolutions” kind of girl. I usually just write down daily/weekly/monthly goals in the Notes App in my phone or on a post it on my desk at work. Today, being June 2nd, and me completely freaking out that the year is literally half way over, I realized I need to get serious about accomplishing those goals.

SO. I decided that I am going to start a monthly goal list, and share them with all of your shining faces. Let’s all hold each other accountable, shall we?

JUNE Monthly Goals with Bliss And Bubbly

My goals for the month of June:

Read 10 books. I am obsessed with reading. It’s the perfect way to learn something new, or escape from your real life for a sec. At the beginning of the year I wanted to read 100 books in 2016. Im on track to accomplish that one, but we all know life gets busy and reading can take a back burner. But it totally shouldn’t!

Save more money. This is a major toughy for me, but mucho important – money saving tips.

Spend more time with friends. This should be a given, but again life gets insane and sometimes it’s hard to find time for friend dates. This month, that’s not going to happen!

Learn how to grow my own herbs. I think this will be a good, easy start on learning some gardening techniques without all of the responsibility of an actual garden. Plus, I use some kind of herb every single day, and having my own on hand would be fab.

Easy enough, right?

JUNE Monthly Goals with Bliss And Bubbly

Setting realistic and reachable goals for yourself is so important. I know I always feel much better after accomplishing something, wether it’s small or major, doesn’t even matter. Just doing things for yourself, that better yourself, can make a difference bigger than you know in your over all outlook on life.

What are some of your goals for the month of June? Do tell!

xx, Madison

Detox Water Combinations You’ll Love

Happy Memorial Day, everybody! As a daughter of a past Army Ranger I believe we should be telling our service men & women thank you for their sacrifices every single day, not just today, but a reason to celebrate them is always wonderful. If any of you have lost anyone in the Military, I hope you find some comfort in the amazing things they did for all of us, we all appreciate it so much, and will never, ever forget them.

Sooo, Memorial Day has become sort of a BBQ/pool party type of holiday and usually there are tons of delish alcoholic drinks and awesome grilled foods involved. Alcohol and being in the sunshine is a perfecto combo while you’re out there doing it, but the next day…. hangover city, am I right?

Detox Waters -

Let me go ahead and possibly save you from spending your day off in bed with two simple words…. DETOX WATERS. I’m going to share my two favorite’s with you today, but really, the combinations of fruit, veggies & herbs you can infuse your water with are endless ( along with all their benefits )!

Combination #1: Cucumber Lemon ( at home spa day, anyone? )

You’ll need an extra large mason jar ( or any cup you want to use, I am just obsessed with mason jars LOL ).

Sliced cucumber.

Sliced lemon.



I put some cucumber slices in the bottom of my glass first, then add the ice, then the water, then top with the rest of the cucumber and squeeze at least two huuuge slices of lemon in there. Toss in the squeezed lemon slices, and enjoy!

Detox Waters - Detox Waters -

The benefits of adding cucumber & lemon to your water:


Aid in digestion.

Gives your immune system of boost of Vitamin C.

Naturally freshens your breath.

Cleanses the liver ( bye bye alcohol toxins! ).

Reduces inflammation.

And millions more benefits that you should be taking advantage of daily!


Powerful antioxidant.

Full of Vitamin B.

Keeps you feeling full ( aka aids majorly in weight loss ).

Combination #2: Strawberry Blueberry Mint

Detox Waters -

Same as combination #1, pile in as many slices of each ingredient as you want, add water, ice and enjoy!

Now let’s talk benefits, shall we?


Natural, gentle kidney & liver cleansers ( helps rejuvenate your system ).

Gentle diuretic, antioxidant & purifying powers.

Rich in Vitamins A, E, C, K, Iron, & Folic Acid.

Soluble Fiber ( helps in the absorption of carbs, and regulating sugar levels ).


Flushes out toxins.

Reduces inflammation.

Reduces muscle fatigue.

Mint Leaves:

Promotes digestion & aids in nausea.

Naturally freshens breath.

Can relieve headache pain.

Aids in weight loss & helps to clear the skin.

Detox Waters -

( You can buy these FAB Stainless Steel straws from Amazon right HERE. )

And they are all just plain DELISH.

We all know how important it is to drink tons & tons of water every day, but sometimes it can get super duper boring. Infusing your own water saves you money and your body will love you for it! I hope you all can benefit from these simple recipes as much as I have. Get ready for your new addiction! What are some of yall’s favorite detox water combinations? Please share!

xx, Madison.

DIY Natural Hair Perfume

I am obsessed with smelling good. ( Step one is admitting you have a problem…. right? ) Anywhoo. Making sure my hair smells good is a huge part of that, especially since I only wash it every three days ( don’t be grossed out, TRY IT, and you can thank me later ).

DIY All Natural Hair Perfume

My hair never smells “bad” but sometimes, as a woman, you just need a little pick me up or something to give you that extra boost of confidence, and this is just what the doctor ordered.

I’ve heard of, and seen, hair perfume’s before but they are all filled a bunch of nasty chemicals so I’ve always politely declined. UNTIL NOW. I have found a super easy, all natural, three ingredient do – it – yourself hair perfume! Get ready.

All you’ll need is:

A carrier liquid – Vodka, Witch Hazel or Aloe Vera Gel ( Witch Hazel is what I use because it produces the best perfume like consistency, plus it won’t weigh your hair down at all ). You can try it out with the same exact one I use from Amazon HERE.

Distilled water, or Rose water ( I use rose water because it adds natural shine to the hair and smells fantastic ).

Essential Oil ( s ) of your choice – Choose one that will have nourishing benefits for your hair such as Lavender. It’s moisturizing and will help with hair growth. And it smells amazing, obviously.

A dark colored GLASS re sealable bottle to store it in.

DIY All Natural Hair Perfume


Combine 45 drops of your chosen Essential Oil ( s ) in a container – Keep in mind that the scent will change as it’s diluted, and as it sits in the bottle over time.

Add 2 TBS of your chosen carrier liquid and swirl it up.

Add in 3.5 OZ of rose or distilled water and swirly swirl again.

Transfer your homemade hair perfume into your dark colored glass bottle, pour a few drops into your hands and smooth it into that gorgeous mane of yours!

DIY All Natural Hair Perfume

Let me know what you think!

xx, Madison

Balancing In Heels – Kristin Cavallari

I am like maybe a liiiiitle too proud of the fact that I have seen every episode of Laguna Beach and The Hills, probably three of four times ( maybe more…. ) and K. Cav has been one of my favorite TV personalities since that very first episode. High school was hard enough for me without the added pressure of a reality tv film crew following me around, and seedy producers dictating my life and relationships for the purpose of ratings, so I can’t imagine how she did it. Her book, Balancing In Heels, is so inspiring and honest, I love it. She talks about her unhealthy mental and physical habits from her teenage years and early twenties, how she over came them, and got to be fully confident in who she truly is. PLUS there’s hair & make up tips, a few fabulous work out routines you can do at home, and some badass recipes ( don’t worry, I will be making & posting about all of them! )

Balancing In Heels - Book Club With Bliss And Bubbly

Buy it from Amazon HERE.

It’s a book to add to the top of your summer reading list for sure!

xx, Madison

MOTHER’S DAY PRESSIE – DIY Honey Lavender Soap

DIY Honey Lavender Soap

DIY Honey Lavender Soap

My mom is a beautiful, brave, happy soul whom I adore with my whole heart. She is the reason I am who I am, and have the confidence to do what I love every single day. From my twenty three years of experience, if there is one thing she loves more than me ( obviously ) it’s a homemade gift for Mother’s Day. This day is all about appreciation for all of our fabulously perfect momma’s and buying something from a store just seems so impersonal to me. This DIY Honey Lavender soap will show your mom your love, and give her a perfect excuse for relaxing and for some very much needed me-time. Plus it’s SUPER easy!

DIY Honey Lavender Soap

You’ll need…

( I ordered most of the ingredients for the soap from Amazon, which you can too if you click on my links, but all of these things can also be found at your local craft store! )


Now for the fun part…

  1. Melt Soap – Break up into smaller chunks to allow for quicker, easier melting. Place pieces in glass bowl, and then follow package instructions for melting. Be sure to do so in small increments, to avoid burning your soap.
  2. Add Essential Oil – Add 15 (or more, you can be the judge) drops of lavender essential oil, mix well.
  3. Add Additional Ingredients – Dried lavender, honey and dried lemon zest, mix well.
  4. Pour Into Molds – Ta daaaa, you just made some incredible home made soap that your mom will adore you for!
  5. Let cool, remove from molds, package how you feel looks best, and get to gift giving!

DIY Honey Lavender Soap

DIY Honey Lavender Soap

xx, Madison

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