Hey, hey, miss TMI is in the building today, so if you’re a guy ( unless you would like some very honest opinions about birth control ) I’d say move along to the next post on here because I’m about to get down and dirty about my brith control experience.

When I started my period I was 16 and I was CONVINCED that I just got lucky enough to get appendicitis at the same exact time. My cramps were so bad that I didn’t sleep for two days, missed school, was permanently in the fetal position, but my mom just kept telling me that she had horrible periods when she was my age too, and basically that it was something I’d just have to deal with. I thought there was no way that this kind of pain could come from my period! Starting your period was supposed to be this magical experience where I became a woman or something, not THIS. Right?

Well we moved to Texas when I was 17 and not long after I was having another horrible period. We didn’t have any doctors or anything ( the joys of moving to a new state ) and my mom didn’t want to take me to emergency room so we took the first appointment we could get at an OB. Let’s just say it involved a very rude, old Russian man for the doctor, an internal ultrasound, and lot’s of crying, but we found out that I had multiple cysts on my ovaries. Thats what was causing me so much pain. He let us know that there was really nothing that could be done other than to wait it out until they popped on their own.

Eventually we found a fabulous OBGYN ( that my mom, both my sister’s and I all still go to ) and her and I decided that going on the pill continuously ( meaning skipping the sugar pills and going straight to the next pack – to skip my period ) would be the best course of action to take to control the cysts ( and the other super awesome period symptoms I was always suffering from ). Long story short, until about a week ago I had been on that pill, only having my period a few times a year.

There were times when my hormones would change and I’d start to notice my body reacting weird to the pill, so we would try something else for a few months. Over the years I’ve tried three different kinds of pills and the NuvaRing, but I would always end up right back on the same pill.

This last year, though, my hormones¬†really changed. I started having 0 energy, no matter how much I rest I got, what kind of food I was eating, how much water I drank, it didn’t matter. I could sleep for 14 hours and then take a nap. I started getting a headache every. single. day. Every single day! Sometimes they were manageable, other times they would leave me in tears in bed at 6 pm with the covers over my face because I couldn’t handle the light. Chris and I started to put together that maybe it was my birth control. I started talking to one of my best friends about it and she was kind of in the same boat, and was in the process of taking with her doctor about getting an IUD.

I knew that was the next thing I needed to try. I’m at a point in my life where I do not want all those extra hormones in my body that come from the pill, and aside from not using birth control ( which isn’t an option with my cyst situation ) an IUD is the next best option.

I met up with my doctor and we discussed all the different kinds and settled on the one that worked best for me.

A few weeks later was my appointment to get it inserted and as it got closer and closer and I got more and more nervous. I started doing a little too much internet research and really freaked myself out. Everyone says that the insertion is the most painful thing they’ve ever experienced and the contractions after the fact realllllly prepare you for childbirth. I kept thinking, well pain is relative and everyone has different experiences maybe I won’t have any pain!

Which is actually hilarious because I’m the girl who takes antibiotics and has the side effects that “1 in 209487108923 million people get” and I’m also a biiiit of a baby when it comes to pain.

Long story short, I got it inserted, passed out from the pain, basically couldn’t move or eat for three whole days afterwards and am still dealing some minor cramping, but you guys, I ALREADY notice a difference in my overall mood, my energy levels and so far not a headache in sight.

I’ll have to give ya’ll an update a few months down the road when my body has really had a chance to settle and get used to it, but I can’t see myself having any issues with this IUD.

I am a little worried that I might have some hormonal issues with my body trying to balance itself out after having those extra hormones from the pill for so many years to just suddenly not having them at all. Does anyone have any experience with this? Advice?

This is just MY personal experience with birth control. Everyone is different and everyone has different needs when it comes to birth control. I am by no means a doctor or telling you that you should do one thing, or shouldn’t do something else. DO WHAT WORKS FOR YOU and what makes you feel best!

I just wanted to share my story in case there was a woman out there going through something similar, feeling alone, and not sure what to do next. You’re definitely not alone!

And PS why is it that we as women have to deal with all this?! Men have it easy LOL.

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