PSA Mother’s Day is THIS SUNDAY, May 16th ( in case you forgot ) and if you are anything like me, life gets busy and time just kind of runs away from you. Every year I always have the best intentions for all holidays involved with gift giving ( especially ones where
I get to treat my fabulous momma! ), because I LOVE giving gifts. But sometimes those said holidays just kind of sneak up on you and everything seems rushed and it’s hard to find those thoughtful items your momma deserves.

Remember when you were little and you would make cards with your handprints that you turned into a heart in elementary school and gave it to your mom as her Mother’s Day gift? Well those were always my moms FAVE. I have a feeling when I’m a mother those will also be my fave because they’re just too sweet. And even though none of us kids are in elementary school anymore, those types of gifts are still my moms favorite. Maybe not our handprints on a piece of printer paper, LOL, but the idea of something handmade with a lot of thought & love put into it, ya know?

Last year I made my mom, my boyfriends mom, and his sister ( who has two of the cutest daughters on planet earth ) Goats Milk Honey Lavender Soap. It was a HUGE HIT with everybody, so much so that for every holiday after, that’s pretty much all anyone asks me for. So this year will probably be no different. BUT I also just love watching the people I love open a gift they weren’t expecting! So I put together a list of some cute things for all the different types of mommas in your life! ūüôā


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This is my mom to a T. Running around, super duper busy, at all times of the day. She’s that mom who finds her cup of coffee from that morning in the microwave at 6 pm barley even touched. You know the type ūüėČ So I thought some adorable Espadrilles¬†& a fancy iPhone charger¬† would be the perfect gifts for those moms who never have a second to sit down, let alone charge their phones.


I mean, I would say literally anything from Bauble Bar is a safe gift idea for any woman in your life, at any time, but HOW CUTE are those bright yellow drop earrings?! To me, they just look like fabulous little pineapples. They are the perfect accessory to any summer outfit. Another summer staple? Tacos. ( Hi, I obviously live in Texas, LOL ), so any summer loving/taco loving/home decor loving mom would be thrilled to hang this cute little Eat More Tacos sign in their kitchens for these warmer months ahead.


If you and your mom live in different states, I just want to say I think you are both amazing. I literally can’t imagine living more than an hour away from my mom. But if you are not as close as I am, I found these¬†state outline necklaces¬†and thought they would be perfect! Whether you want to give her one with the state you live in, or the other way around, I just think this is the sweetest little reminder that you’re thinking of her from states away.

FOR THE MOMMA – TO – BE ( #4 & #14 )

First of all, HOW EXCITING is it to have someone in your life who is expecting a baby?! Maybe it’s just me but babies make me happier than almost anything in life. My boyfriends sister is pregnant with her third ( finally a boy! ) and I may or may not have gone more than a little crazy on Etsy the past few months buying her gifts for her & the baby. I’ve never been pregnant ( I’m literally counting down the seconds until we’re ready to start our own little family ) but I do know it’s one of the hardest jobs in the world. I mean you’re growing a human being, you deserve to be treated amazingly, am I right?! This¬†Barrington Axis tote¬†with a personalization option is the perfect alternative to a diaper bag/tote to fit everything she could possibly need for herself & the baby. Another cute idea is if the momma – to – be in your life has announced the baby’s name, this¬†name plate necklace¬†would be so thoughtful.


This gorgeous marble pineapple serving board along with these cheeky glitter coasters are perfect for any mom in your life that is always entertaining guests in her home. She will be set for some fun, fabulous summer nights!


This adorable¬†throw blanket¬†is bright, cheerful, and super soft. The perfect gift for the stay at home mom who finally gets a second to herself to sit down, relax for two seconds, and be cozy in a blanket. Plus the bright colors will help keep her in a positive mood! The gorgeous¬†marble soy candle¬†is another comfort to have while at home all day. Not only will it look amazing in her home no matter what her decor is ( marble goes with anything & everything #DUH ) but it’s made from soy, NO chemicals what so ever, so it’s safe for moms, kids and pets, and it will keep her home smelling amazing.


I think every mom should be treated to something “beauty” related on Mother’s Day, whether she is a “beauty lover” or not. So the¬†French Girl Lip Polish¬†&¬†Pixi Glow Kit¬†are the perfect gifts for mom to treat herself and make her feel gorgeous & glowing!


These might be clich√® but they’re cute so whatever LOL. The most perfect bright and fun¬†Palm Leaf To – Go Mug¬†for her coffee or tea ( or wine ūüėČ ). And this cheeky¬†“Totally Doable” To Do List¬†to keep her work & home life as organized as it can be!

FOR THE FUR MOMMA ( #1 & #16 )

I HAAAD to make this a category because I fully 100% believe that if you own a pet you are that pets mom ( or dad of course, but it’s a Mothers Day post so c’mon ). We have a cat and a dog and they are our first kids! If any of you fur mommas out there are anything like me, I can’t stand the clutter that comes along with dog toys everywhere. I found this cute¬†woven basket¬†to take care of that little problem & a super fun¬†shoe dog toy¬†to hopefully help avoid your actual shoes from getting chewed!

So long story short, I’m asking Chris for that fabulous marble serving board & the Barrington Tote because hellllooo, I’m the best fur mom there ever was, obviously ;).

What are ya’ll getting all the mommas in your life for Mother’s Day this year?!

Happy shopping ūüôā

Cheers, Madison.

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