Happy Wednesday everybody! Chris and I got home from a beach vacation to Florida last week and ( as usual ) my over packing was in full effect LOL. I saw a meme on Facebook the other day that said something along the lines of “At home I can wear the same jeans and t-shirt for three days in a row but when I’m on vacation I have to bring 37 different outfits just in case I want to change” ( I’m probably completely butchering what the actual meme said but you get it ) and I laughed for like 10 minutes out loud and had to show Chris because thats just SO ME. A girl needs options, what can I say!

But not only do I overpack in the clothes department, I’m also guilty of over packing in the bathroom/body products department. I think I’m just always worried that I miiiiight end up needing that one thing that I was like “nah, I won’t need that, I’ll leave it at home!” YOU KNOW? So I bring everything. And I mean everything. Products that I don’t even really ever use at home! I just hate being uncomfortable when I’m not at home, if that makes sense, so I bring everything I could possibly need for any possible situation.

Except this trip I didn’t bring bug bite itch cream or my organic bug spray ( which I usually literally keep in my purse because if there is a bug it WILL bite me ) but I just completely forgot. And boy oh boy did that backfire! Let’s just say it ended with Chris and I on a witch hunt for some benadryl at 11:30 pm in a town where everything closes down at 7 pm. Not ideal. Anyways, all of that to say, being an over packer is definitely a great trait that I have, right? 😉

So, the positive of me bringing the whole entire travel section of Target with me on this trip is that I was able to really narrow down what I actually needed/used and what just wasn’t necessary to bring.



  1. Formula 10.0.6 Clean Getaway Travel Kit – I’ve recently become obsessed with this skincare line because of their peel masks. Seriously though, if you haven’t tried one of those, you need to! Their natural & super affordable. Anyways, for this trip I bought their travel packet and it was PERFECT. It includes makeup removing wipes, facial cleanser, a toner, and a mud mask! YES please.
  2. SheaMoisture Peace Rose Oil Complex Hair Mask – I thought I wouldn’t end up using this because usually the only hair masks I use are homemade with Coconut Oil & Castor Oil, but it was put to use! Between the ocean, the sun, the wind, and the humidity my hair was a dry tangly mess. On our last night there I put this mask in while we were watching the sunset and after I washed it out and woke up the next morning I felt like my hair was back to normal, just in time for our flight home!
  3. Yes To Charcoal Sheet Mask –  I don’t know if it’s just me, but something about being on an airplane for any amount of time makes me want to literally suck the bacteria out of my skin. Since that’s not exactly possible… a charcoal mask is the next best thing! These masks are great, they don’t move around and they’re natural! Plus they take up hardly any space whatsoever because they’re so flat.
  4. Mario Badescu Rose Water Facial Spray – I can’t live without this facial spray. That’s not me exaggerating either. I have one in my purse, one in my make up bag and one in bathroom cabinet. You could say I’m addicted, but hey, there are worse things to be addicted to LOL. I mean, I use it as a makeup setting spray, a makeup refresher, just as a general facial refresher after a nap, or a few hours at the beach before having to leave for dinner. It’s also the perfect quick treatment for a sunburn. Plus, the travel sized bottles are honestly just too cute to pass up.
  5. Not Your Mother’s Beach Babe Texturizing Sea Salt Spray – The salt spray I usually is a home made version ( I’ll do a DIY post on it if ya’ll want? ) but I couldn’t find a small enough bottle to transfer it to, so I picked this up at Target and LOVED IT! It smells heavenly and doesn’t make your hair crunchy. Perfect to throw in your beach bag and spritz on after a dip in the ocean for perfectly tousled beach waves.
  6. Neutrogena Body Oil – I love to buy this body oil and their Rain Bath shower gel because it reminds me of my grandmother. She’s had this in her bathroom and in her shower since I can remember and smelling it makes me feel like she’s with me! It’s perfect to bring to the beach though because it adds that perfect glowy shine to your skin that’s just ideal for going to dinner or walking around town while showing a little skin in an off the shoulder dress or some shorts.
  7. Maybelline 24K Nudes Eyeshadow Pallet – I love this thing. The colors are super pigmented and actually stay put with or without a primer. It’s the perfect travel size!
  8. Trader Joes Coconut Oil Packets – These aren’t in my photos because I got them after the fact… but let me just tell you if you buy one thing from this list IT NEEDS TO BE THESE. The box comes with ten perfectly portioned out little packets of coconut oil that you can throw in a bag and use any time for anything. We all know coconut oil is the holy grail of life itself, and it’s just necessary. BUY IT.

What are ya’lls go – to travel products? We all know I’ll take any excuse to pack more things LOL 😉

Cheers, Madison.

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