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Sweater Weather

So, if you didn’t know, I live in Texas, and even though it is the end of October it is still 80 – 90 degrees every single day. Which is amazing, don’t get me wrong, because I highly dislike being cold, buuuuut I do wish that it would just get down into the sixties so I could wear my sweaters! All my Texas girls know how it is!

Since everyone doesn’t live in Texas though, and a lot of you have wonderful beautiful amazing Fall seasons with weather chilly enough to break out your sweaters in October, I thought I would live vicariously through ya’ll and share a little sweater weather guide. These are all the sweaters that I currently wish I could be wearing LOL so I hope ya’ll enjoy!


1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12.

Belle sleeves, fringe, faux fur, off the shoulder, kitty cats, lace ups AND ruffles? I mean the trends this year couldn’t be anymore just beyond perfection. Don’t you all agree?

I JUST LOVE SWEATERS YOU GUYS. So so so so much. Have ya’ll found any sweaters this fall that you just cannot live without?!


Fall Wardrobe Wishlist

Happy Monday! Guys, my whole pinterest has been nonstop fall/holidays. The people who follow me are probably like “uhhh does this girl know it’s still August or….?” LOL but I just can’t help it! Fall is & always has been my favorite season! And every single year I have the same amount of excitement.

This year feels different though. I think it’s because Chris and I have our own little house now and I get to seriously let my decorating flag fly as high and as crazy as I want it to!

One of my favorite parts about fall though is the clothes *insert heart eyes emoji here* because if I’m being completely honest I just really don’t like summer clothes. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I adore dresses! But shorts, tank tops, etc, just not my thing, ya know? Sweaters, boots, jeans, scarves, though…. YES PLEASE. I don’t know what it is but I always just feel prettier and more myself in the fall. Is that totally crazy? LOL.

So today I put together a nice little fall wardrobe wishlist of what’s currently in all my carts online. It’s kind of a disaster and all over the place, just like my brain at the moment. I’m just so excited and had such a hard time narrowing it down! I hope you all enjoy! 🙂


1  | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | 14 | 15 | 16 | 17

  1. Wine Pullover Sweatshirt – It’s a weird dream of mine to own a Wildfox sweater and this one just screams MADISON for very obvious reasons… lol. Plus its such a great color for fall.
  2. Vici Dress – OK if ya’ll haven’t been shopping this brand YOU ARE NOT LIVING. Every single thing on website is amazing, stunning, gorgeous. The brand is perfection. I am obsessed and want literally everything. Somehow I narrowed it down to a few for this post, but just be warned if you visit this website you’re going to want everything!
  3. Mustard Lace Up Sweater – I love anything that laces up and I love anything mustard yellow for fall. This color looks so good with black & leopard! Obsessed.
  4. Camo Drop Shoulder Sweater – I have been loving camo lately and I think this would look so cute dressed up a little bit with black jeans and heeled booties or dressed down with leggings by the fire for a night in!
  5. Vici Off The Shoulder Sweater – Another Vici item, another obsession. Olive green is MY COLOR ( maybe one of the reasons I love fall clothes so much! ) and how cozy is the off the shoulder look?! Another piece that would look amazing dressed up or down.
  6. Rose Ruffled Sweater – I am really into ruffles this season, and this rosy color is the perfect transitional hue from summer to fall. Winner all around!
  7. Black Distressed Madewell Denim – I mean these are the literal perfect black distressed jeans. Need I really say more?
  8. Tan Ribbed Sweater – I love the wide ribbing, the open sleeves and the color. Would work with a leopard scarf and booties perfectly! I can see it in my head now :). Perfect for when it’s just chilly enough, ya know?
  9. Tortoise Shell Sunnies – I love love love big matte black sunnies and big tortoise shell sunnies for fall. They just match everything! And look so chic.
  10. Too Faced Natural Eyes Pallet – DREAM COME TRUE in an eyeshadow pallet. I have dark brown eyes and neutral colors look best on me. For those of you that don’t have brown eyes, neutral colors look amazing with all fall clothes! Such a fun time of year to experiment with makeup too!
  11. Olive Green Duster – I just love a good duster. This one seems lightweight enough to be just warm enough and would add so much chicness to any outfit you put on!
  12. Vici Cream V Neck – VICI DOES IT AGAIN. I mean how comfy does this look?! And with layered gold necklaces?! Fall perfection.
  13. BP Black Ribbed Boatneck Pullover – BP is suuuuch a good, inexpensive brand for sweaters! They are so comfy, have the perfect fit, and stay in perfect condition no matter how many times you wash them.
  14. Camel Cashmere Sweater – Camel & Cashmere. ( I feel like I should have named my blog that… haha ) Two fall staples in my opinion!
  15. Leopard Slides – How cute are these?! I love leopard ( really anytime of year ) for fall! It matches with all the colors and adds a little pop anytime you want it.
  16. Dainty Gold Chokers – The perfect addition to any outfit, really.
  17. Fuzzy Leopard Sweater – More leopard, what can I say 🙂 but seriously how cozy does this look?


What’s on ya’lls fall wish lists?!

Working With Women

A few weeks ago I had the privilege of doing a photoshoot completely for fun with three fabulous women, two of whom I had never met before that day. I don’t know why but I was sooo nervous! I knew that there was no pressure and the point of the shoot was for the photographer, hair stylist, and makeup artist to practice their work and get different experiences but I was just SO nervous.

I modeled with an agency a couple years ago for about a year and didn’t love it. I met some INCREDIBLE people ( which is how I was asked to do this photoshoot actually! ) and not all of it was bad, but looking back I was mentally & physically very unhealthy and always super stressed out. Not everyone was this way, but constantly being told you are not skinny enough, then being told you are too skinny, or that your hair wasn’t long enough or the right color. Or that your left eye was bigger than your right eye, so no sorry, we can’t cast you for this shoot, really starts to wear on a girl.

You just don’t forget comments like that, or how they made you feel at the time. ESPECIALLY when those comments came from other women. And those feelings can come back to you at random, for what may seem to be no good reason at all.

It doesn’t mean you don’t have great self confidence ( because we all do, RIGHT? ), it just means that we need to shift our mindsets a little bit, and be sure we have the right people in our lives.

This post isn’t meant to be a sob story, or like an oh poor Madison post, though. This post is meant to bring up the women who are a little scared to work with other women. We’ve all had experiences that made us feel less than enough, and we probably won’t forget them, but instead of letting them bring us down, we need to replace them with experiences that bring us UP.

Which is what happened a few Sunday’s ago with this amazing team of women I had the opportunity to work with. And I now feel like I have three amazing women I get to call friends that I didn’t have before.

WE HAD SO MUCH FUN. I honestly had forgotten how much fun playing with clothes, hair, makeup and a camera could be! I realized it’s all about who you surround yourself with.

I can look at these pictures and feel so great about that day and it makes me so happy!

hair_how_to hair_how_to hair_how_to

And I’m not saying you need to go set up a photoshoot with hair and makeup to realize that there are other women out there who you can work with to change your bad experiences to good ones. What I am saying is that is possible to find women in whatever industry you are in, weather that’s your job, a hobby you have, or even just certain stores you like to shop at, that have a similar view that you do, that can change your bad experiences to good ones.

I know, I know, you’re like “but how am I supposed to find these women?!” I don’t have a step by step plan that can help, unfortunately. My advice is to not get discouraged! Keep putting yourself out there and meeting new people anyway, anytime that you can! I can promise you that sooner or later you will find some like minded women who probably have been looking for the same thing you have!

It’s so important to bring yourself, and the people around you UP, not down. It really just makes all the difference in the whole world.

I thought it would be so fun to include how these curls were achieved! So, I had Emily write out an easy step by step on how to achieve these curls:


Photographer: Jami Clayman | Makeup Artist: Trish Halker | Hair Stylist: Emily Alders

If you are in the Dallas/Fort Worth area and need a photographer, makeup artist or hair stylist, those are your girls!!

What are ya’lls favorite ways to meet new friends?!


The $21 Dollar Amazon Dress You Didn’t Know You Needed


Happy Monday! I thought we would start the week off with a little bit of my favorite summer style – DRESSES. If I could wear a dress every single day of the warmer months, I would. And by warmer months ( I live in Texas ) I mean like more than half the year haha.

I’m learning that it’s hard, though, to find cute, QUALITY dresses that don’t completely break the bank. Total summer bummer. That is until last week when my trusty Amazon addiction did me so well yet again!

I was actually searching for organic onesies for Chris’s sisters baby shower next weekend and ya know when you click on item Amazon shows other items frequently bought with that item or similar items? Well for some reason this dress popped up under similar items while I was looking at this super cute Olive You organic once.

I was immediately drawn to the fun coloring so I clicked on it on saw that it’s originally from SheIn. If you’ve never heard of Shein before I’m so glad I have the pleasure of introducing the two of you! It’s a clothing website that sells super duper inexpensive clothes that are ADORABLE. I never visit that website and don’t want to buy like 297495 things. The only iffy thing is that because the clothes are so inexpensive you run the risk of them not being of the greatest quality when they arrive on your doorstep. I’ve gotten very lucky and everything I’ve ordered from there has turned out to be awesome, but I’ve heard some horror stories as well. Basically, just gotta risk it I guess LOL.

This dress, though, is PERFECTION. You can get it from the actual site for $20, but I chose to order it for $21 from Amazon Prime because when ordering from their website things can take a few weeks to arrive, where as with Prime it arrives within a couple days.

PS Try to ignore the wrinkles…. currently don’t have an iron LOL.

affordable_summer_dress affordable_summer_dress

affordable_summer_dress affordable_summer_dress affordable_summer_dress

Not only is it made with quality fabric, it isn’t see through what so ever, it’s super lightweight and breathable ( hi, Texas humidity ) and IT HAS POCKETS. I love that it’s color blocked, and the cut around the waist is super flattering!

Keep in mind that I am 5’10 so unfortunately every single dress I put on ( unless it’s a midi or a maxi ) looks exxxxtra short, so it probably won’t look as short as it does on me, on you. I also find that the coloring of this dress actually makes my skin look like it has a little color!

I paired it with nude sandals & a nude cross body bag and totally plan on wearing it to Chris’s sisters baby shower. After all, I did find it while searching for gifts for her :).

It would also be a cute dress for date night, brunch with your girlfriends, or even a comfy outfit paired with some cute patterned espadrilles for running errands.

Just an overall summer MUST HAVE in my opinion.

Do ya’ll love dresses as much as I do?! What are some quality, affordable brands you guys have discovered?

My Motivational Playlist

Happy Wednesday! I hate the phrase “humpday” because I just feel like it sounds gross… LOL but this week it’s a fitting phrase for me because I have just been STRUGGLING. I got food poisoning over the weekend, so Monday was still a little rough on that front and I just haven’t really been able to catch up and feel rested since. This is my 2nd week of a new job so my brain is just flooded with waaaaay too much new information all day long, which I am thankful for, but also makes getting & STAYING motivated a little tougher than normal.

So, today, I thought I would share a few things I do to keep myself motivated when it just doesn’t come as naturally as other times.



Instead of checking my phone first thing when I wake up in the morning, I take a few minutes to kind of mediate in my bed, just focusing on my breathing, and being really intentional with my thoughts. Then, I like to write down a few things that I’m thankful for. They can be anything from my pillow to my essential oil diffuser to the fact that I have a car to drive myself to work. This takes a few minutes but really sets the tone for my day. Also it reminds me how many amazing things I have going for me, which results in working harder so much easier.

This one might make a few you groan a little bit, but working out daily really, really, realllllly gives me so much motivation. I don’t know what it is! The hardest part is GETTING there. Ya know? Just get yourself there, then the actual workout will come easily. Treating your body with love & respect will make you feel fabulous from the inside out, not to mention very accomplished as well, which in turn results in you accomplishing other tasks through out the day. Try it out, you won’t regret it :).

The third thing I’ve been doing to keep the motivation train chugging along is doing my best to keep off of social media. This hasn’t been that hard because with my new job I have 0 time to look at my phone, then by the time I get home and work on my blog post for the next day, spend time with Chris & eat dinner, its bed time! But I think this tip mostly applies to the morning time. I don’t know why it’s always the first thing we want to reach for? This tip ties in with my first one, by meditating instead. But I’ve found that not spending so much time on social media has really helped me just kind of stay in my own lane ( especially with my blog ) and has helped me not compare myself to other people, which always ends up lessening my creativity.

But my all time favorite thing to do while completing any task that requires motivation of any amount ( cleaning the house, getting ready in the morning, whatever it may be ) is listening to some music!

I am fully aware the music is a very selective thing and not everyone has the same taste in music as I do, but this is my “Motivation Station” on Spotify & I thought why not share it with ya’ll!

These are all my HAPPY SONGS and I hope you enjoy at least one of these songs as much I do :).

  1. It Aint Me – Selena Gomez & Kygo.
  2. Peaches – In The Valley Below.
  3. Say It – Tove Lo & Flume ( Illenium Remix ).
  4. Bad, Bad, Bad – LANY.
  5. Manhattan – Kings Of Leon.
  6. Make Me – Brittany Spears Ft. G – Eazy.
  7. Still Falling For You – Ellie Goulding.
  8. Greek Tragedy – The Wombats.
  9. Tik Tok – Kesha.
  10. Body Like A Back Road – Sam Hunt.

I could have definitely made that list like at least 100 songs long, but I thought I’d spare ya’ll the pain LOL. Making this list has made me realize I have a super random taste in music….

Happy listening & happy motivation! I love each and every one of you for reading :).

Cheers, Madison.

5 Best ( Natural ) Acne Spot Treatments

Happy Friday beautiful people! We made it the weekend! Let’s all celebrate with a virtual glass of champagne together, shall we?! #iwish.

So, today we are going to be talking about acne spot treatments. The past month or so I’ve been majorly suffering with hormonal acne and even gotten a few cysts and let me tell you they are NOT IDEAL. Total confidence crusher, if you ask me.

The good news is, though, that I’ve been like a guinea pig the past few weeks trying literally any and every natural remedy I could find/think of to help clear some up these pesky blemishes, and I’ve found some magical concoctions that really work!


First of all, the usual suspects like washing off all your makeup every single night, drinking a shiz ton of water, getting enough sleep, sleeping on a clean pillowcase, watching your sugar intake, and exercising regularly will all help big time with treating current acne, and helping you body though the process of preventing future acne.

BUT since we are all not lucky enough to have perfect, glowing skin every day, and adult hormonal acne is REAAAAAL, sometimes doing all of those things just doesn’t cut it and breakouts still occur. And this is where my handy dandy all natural amazing zit zappers come in handy! And what’s awesome is you probably already a few of them in your kitchen!

  1. RAW HONEY – Make sure it’s raw & organic ( Manuka Honey is best for facial uses, but it’s more on the expensive side ). Honey is an amazing natural antibiotic, and it’s also helps with redness and inflammation. All you do is dab a little bit on the effected areas ( clean face, of course ) and let sit for as long as you want. Rinse off with warm water, then moisturize. Super simple!
  2. RAW HONEY & ORGANIC TURMERIC  – Mixing the two of these together creates an all natural super exfoliator & acne scar healer! Perfect to use a mask to help along the healing process of already popped/cleared up blemishes.
  3. TEA TREE OIL – This is my favorite natural spot treatment. All I do is drop a few drops onto a q tip, and dab it straight onto the effected areas. Tea Tea Oil is known for it’s anti bacterial properties, so not only will it help rid the blemish of the infected bacteria, it will also help prevent future breakouts in that same area. Win win!
  4. ALBA BOTANICALS FAST FIX A PIMPLE – This stuff can be found at Target or your local drugstore like Walgreens, and is just a little bottle of pure magic. Its 6% Sulfur ( Sulfer works wonders for acne! ) and is tinted, so not only does it help dry out the pimple, it covers the redness up at the same time! I’ve found it works best by letting it sit on the pimple for a few minutes before rubbing in it.
  5. BAKING SODA & WATER – Mix equal parts of the two ( try not to use tap water, though ) to create a paste. Then apply it to the effected areas, and wait for it to dry. The baking soda helps exfoliate the skin, and kills the bacteria inside the pimple.

A few other natural skin care tips I’ve come to know very well while doing my best to deal with this horrifically annoying normal acne is, using Organic Coconut Oil to take my make up off, moisturizing with Organic Rose Hip Oil, and using Alcohol Free Rose Petal Witch Hazel after cleansing ( before moisturizer ).



Using Organic Coconut Oil to take makeup off is not only super gentle on your skin ( especially those lashes! ) but it’s also extremely moisturizing, and has tons of anti bacterial properties as well to help treat and prevent breakouts.

Rose Hip Oil is my new favorite thing ever. ( I love anything ROSE honestly… ) but this stuff is pure magic. I think I’ve said “magic” 19372 times in this post… #notsorry. Anyways, it’s very calming and hydrating, it fades wrinkles, quickens the acne healing process and improves skin elasticity. Plus putting it on in the morning underneath your makeup will make you skin straight up GLOW. It can also be used for hair and nails! I feel like I should do a whole post on my obsession/the benefits of rose hip oil?


Witch Hazel of any kind is a fantastic natural alternative to traditional toners. It treats redness, rids your skin of excess oil, treats acne, tightens pores and teats puffiness. You can also use it to treat razor burn ( along with Coconut Oil! ), insect bites, bruises and ingrown hairs.

Also, regularly doing a bentonite clay mask to rid your skin of toxins is another great preventative measure you can take!


All natural, and all AMAZING. Do ya’ll have any natural acne remedies that I missed or that have worked wonders for you??

Thanks so much for reading!!

XO, Madison.

My Cure For UTI’s


We’ve allllll been there. Suddenly you feel that horrific, weird pressure down super low in your tummy and low back, and it starts to burn when you pee/just burn constantly. And you just know without even going to a doctor that you have A DREADED UTI. Am I right?

If you’ve had one, you know EXACTLY what I am talking about. If you haven’t…. consider yourself the luckiest woman on planet earth. LOL ( but really ).

We all know the drill. Pee before and after sex. Drink tons of water. Don’t hold your pee. Practice good hygiene. Change your underwear. Don’t wear super duper tight pants all day everyday.  But sometimes they just HAPPEN weather you’ve done everything you can to avoid getting one or not! Talk about frustrating. Last year there were a few months where I was just getting UTI after UTI no matter what I did. And they were baaaad. I basically moved into my OBGYN’s office and tried every kind of antibiotic she offered me. Which I hate hate hate taking antibiotics by the way ( my body reacts weird to medication ) but the infections were so bad and so painful I mentally didn’t think I had another choice.

You know the point they get to where it’s so uncomfortable you can’t sit, you can’t walk, you can’t think about anything else, you feel like you have to pee every single second and you just become so desperate you are willing to do anything to get rid of it?

Well eventually they stopped, and I hadn’t gotten another one until last week. UGH. The great news is, this time I was determined to stop it in it’s tracks without having to take any medication.

Heres what I did:

The SECOND I felt it coming on, I googled my little heart out. I figured out that cranberries basically don’t do shit for a UTI. Explains why chugging gallons of cranberry juice all those other times gave me nothing more than a headache. But what does do something is Coconut Water and Coconut Oil.

You read it correctly, just one more thing that makes Coconut Oil the greatest thing on earth LOL.

Coconut Oil & Water are superfoods packed with vitamins, minerals, amino acids and sugars that all possess major healing properties. It doesn’t “kill” the bacteria necessarily but it does give your body the extra boost it needs to fight and kill the bacteria on it’s own, without the help of antibiotics! It’s very soothing to the body and won’t get rid of any of the good bacteria.

SO. When you first feel a UTI coming on, go get yourself a few bottles of coconut water and get to to drinking. Also begin to eat 3 tablespoons of Raw Organic Coconut Oil a day. Spread it out though, so one in the morning, one in the afternoon, and one at night.

The key is catching it right at the beginning before it gets so bad that your body can’t fight it off naturally.

I drank a bunch of Coconut Water and ate 3 Tbs of Coconut Oil for two days and by the end of the second day my UTI was GONE. That’s quicker than taking antibiotics and way better for your body all around. I just felt like this was a major win for me & wanted to share it with ya’ll!

ALSO a fun & spicy tippity – tip I have found is to use Coconut Oil as lube. Yes, lube.

First of all, the whole “I don’t need lube” argument is a tired one. Weather you “need” it or not, sometimes having a little extra something just helps it feel better for everyone, ya know? Second, ( this might be TMI, but I am all about being open & honest with everyone on here ) I’ve tried a few different kinds of lubes and had horrible, horrible reactions to them. The first time I heard of using Coconut Oil, I was SUPER intrigued. It’s all natural, it has major antibiotic properties, and it doesn’t stain/ leave residue on sheets or clothes. Basically perfection.

So the secret to curing UTI’s naturally is all in the Coconuts! These are things I’ve found that work for me, I am by no means claiming to be a doctor or to know everything about the subject, just trying to help a fellow woman out with what I’ve found to be my personal cure!

Does anyone else have any cures that have worked for them?

Happy Wednesday ya’ll & THANK YOU FOR READING!

XO, Madison.

Fancy Some Peppermint Tea?

If you don’t…. I’m about to tell you why you SHOULD.

Peppermint Tea with

A couple posts ago I talked about some of the issues i’ve been dealing with regarding my body being in constant pain and basically how I am willing to try anything to give myself some relief. In a nutshell, my joints are super inflamed. And it is super uncomfortable. And by uncomfortable I mean extremely painful ( and noo, I am not being a baby ! ).

Peppermint Tea with Peppermint Tea with

If you’ve been reading my previous posts you know about my addiction to Turmeric Milk ( really just Turmeric in general, I literally put it on everything ) which helps with inflammation, and also my new daily routine thanks to the Chinese Energy Clock book. And those things do help, but only to a certain extent.

SO. My newest little piece of hope for some relief from my joints is… PEPPERMINT TEA.

It will….

  • Improve digestion.
  • Redue pain ( yes please ).
  • Eliminate inflammation ( YES PLEASE ).
  • Relax body & mind.
  • Cure bad breath.
  • Boost immune system.
  • Aid in weight loss ( the smell of peppermint is known to lessen appetite ).
  • Reduce nausea and upset stomach.

I plan on keeping bags and bags and bags of peppermint tea with me at all times from now on and probably drinking it before ( and maybe after… too much? ) every single meal. While I’m drinking it I can literally feel my joints calming down and it’s SO relieving. I’m hooked.

Peppermint Tea with

If any of you try it and have amazing results, or have any other tipity tips for reducing inflammation, please please please share!

xx, Madison.

Peppermint Tea with

8 Things To Stop Apologizing For

I am ALWAYS apologizing. Like constantly. For everyyyything. Really, really ridiculous things that don’t need an apology WHAT SO EVER. It’s a real problem that I have, and something I recently promised myself that I would work really hard to change.

I was scrolling though Facebook this morning and came across this Forbes article that was titled “10 Things To Never Apologize For Again” and I was like, this was written for me!

8 out of the 12 that they listed, are things that I apologize for almost on a daily basis. As bad of a feeling that was, it motivated me even more to knock it the hell off. SO. Here they are ( modified to my life ) :

Caprpe The Fuck Out Of This Diem -

{ “Carpe The F*ck Out Of This Diem” } Thanks, parking spot, I think I will.

  1. Taking up space – you are a person & you are doing meaningful things, you are not in the way.
  2. Being YOU ( human ) – you need food, and a bathroom and tons of other things aka  being a human is not an inconvenience to anyone.
  3. Being really, really talented – dealing with people being jealous should be that much more validation that you are doing something really, really cool.
  4. Following your own beat – no one likes a follower, anyways.
  5. Saying no – this is the biggest one for me. If you don’t want to do something, don’t do it. Saying “NO” is reason enough.
  6. Assisting the more than able bodied – no, I won’t get you coffee every day before work ( unless I really love you & WANT to ).
  7. Trusting your gut – your gut is literally always right, every single time, no matter what. No one ever needs an apology for following it.
  8. Standing up for the people you love – don’t let anyone make you feel bad for that. Karma is real, people.

It all sounds so silly when it’s written down like that, but I know I can’t be the only one that does this. If I am…. OOPS. But I am sooo done with it starting now. No one need extra stress and negativity in their lives, right?!

xx, Madison.

Monthly Goals – JUNE

Holy guacamole can anyone even believe that it is JUNE already?! I feel like I was just sipping ( chugging… 😉 ) champagne on NYE. I have never really been a “New Year’s Resolutions” kind of girl. I usually just write down daily/weekly/monthly goals in the Notes App in my phone or on a post it on my desk at work. Today, being June 2nd, and me completely freaking out that the year is literally half way over, I realized I need to get serious about accomplishing those goals.

SO. I decided that I am going to start a monthly goal list, and share them with all of your shining faces. Let’s all hold each other accountable, shall we?

JUNE Monthly Goals with Bliss And Bubbly

My goals for the month of June:

Read 10 books. I am obsessed with reading. It’s the perfect way to learn something new, or escape from your real life for a sec. At the beginning of the year I wanted to read 100 books in 2016. Im on track to accomplish that one, but we all know life gets busy and reading can take a back burner. But it totally shouldn’t!

Save more money. This is a major toughy for me, but mucho important – money saving tips.

Spend more time with friends. This should be a given, but again life gets insane and sometimes it’s hard to find time for friend dates. This month, that’s not going to happen!

Learn how to grow my own herbs. I think this will be a good, easy start on learning some gardening techniques without all of the responsibility of an actual garden. Plus, I use some kind of herb every single day, and having my own on hand would be fab.

Easy enough, right?

JUNE Monthly Goals with Bliss And Bubbly

Setting realistic and reachable goals for yourself is so important. I know I always feel much better after accomplishing something, wether it’s small or major, doesn’t even matter. Just doing things for yourself, that better yourself, can make a difference bigger than you know in your over all outlook on life.

What are some of your goals for the month of June? Do tell!

xx, Madison

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