Happy August! Confession: I definitely haven’t been reading as much as I wanted to be this summer so far, so better late than never, I’m going to start this month!

The past few months I had been putting a theme on my book club posts but this month my brain is just so all over the place and I have so much going on that I couldn’t even decide on one. Too this month the official theme is: Books that I’ve had in my Amazon cart for far too long!


  1. Capital Gaines By Chip Gaines: This one hasn’t been in my cart for forever because it isn’t even being released until October but I’m so excited about it that I had include it for this month’s book club in case anyone else wanted to jump on the preorder train like I did 🙂 haha. Call me crazy, but I’m obsessed with Chip & Jo and I legitimately care about they have to say.
  2. Women Who Work: Rewriting The Rules For Success By Ivanka Trump: Absolutely not trying to get political what so ever with this one! I just personally have always liked Ivanka and I think this would be a super interesting read.
  3. When The Body Says No: Understanding The Stress – Disease Connection By Gabor Matè: They say stress is the silent killer for some very serious & legitimate reasons. I’m always trying to teach myself better ways to handle stress and I’d love to more about the details of how it really effects the body, straight from an MD.
  4. Truly Madly Guilty By Liane Moriarty: This one has been in my Amazon cart for over a year LOL I think it’s time I just order it already! It’s about three families, friendships, relationships, marriage, sex, and how guilt can destroy everything. Sounds juicy, right?
  5. Not Afraid Of The Fall:114 Days Through 38 Cities In 15 Countries By: Kyle James: I actually discovered this book through a Facebook article and cannot wait to read it! It’s written by a guy to tell the story of when him and his girlfriend quit their jobs ( that they hated ) and went to travel to as many places as they could with just a backpack each and a smartphone. It sounds so romantic and like the perfect escape from reality for a little while.
  6. How To Write A Great Business Plan By: William A. Sahlman: I’ve seen multiple bloggers recommend this book and I’m always interested in learning more about how to run a successful business.

What are ya’ll reading this August?


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