HAPPY DECEMBER! I am just beyond thrilled that this month has finally arrived. As quickly as 2016 really did fly by, December, being my favorite month and all, seemed like it took forever to get here. If you’ve been reading along since last year you know that The Holidays are my absolute happiness. The smells, the colors, the sparkles, the food, the spices, the lights, the overall mood of everyone you encounter… this time of year is just special to me. One of the best things ( in my opinion ) about The Holidays is all the parties! I wanted to share a post with you guys featuring an answer to every single holiday party problem that could arise, that way, you have no excuses not to be in a good mood! You’re welcome :).

First things first, weather you are throwing the party, or just attending, THE INVITATION is a major make or break. To me, it just sets the tone and the vibe for the party as soon as the guest opens up the envelope a couple weeks before the actual date. SO, speaking of invitations, I was lucky enough to work with Basic Invite on this post and let me tell you, they are your solution to Holiday Party Invite ( or Holiday card ) problems.


Whether it’s for a work holiday party, Christmas party or your 2017 family Christmas card, the color options are basically unlimited. You can personalize any card or invite design with over 180 color options ( even for the envelopes! ), and then see an instant preview! Every single last detail on your card can be exactly what you want it to be, which means zero settling, which is very important.

Once you’ve designed your card you have the option of sending yourself a free sample. How cool is that? So before you go ahead and order 500 of something you can see what it looks like printed off and be sure that it’s really what you want. I just love that.



I designed a few different Bliss And Bubbly cards and they turned out TOO CUTE. I honestly couldn’t be happier. I plan on ordering a 2017 Christmas Card photo of Chris and I with our fur babies just to have as a memory and I’m so excited.

The next problem that could just so happen to arise is, “but what will I wear?!” OF course the next most important thing. I honestly think it all depends on where the party is located and what kind of party it is. Like if it’s a friends party and it’s at their home, I would say you could dress a little sexier than if it’s an office cocktail party at a restaurant. If you are with your coworkers or your boyfriends/husbands coworkers you want to look gorgeous, but still classy and professional. I’ve found a few gorgeous options below that I think would work for either kind of party.


1.  2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8.

Next comes hair and makeup. My go to is always to keep everything on the more natural side. Obviously since it is a party after all, a little extra isn’t going to hurt, though. I love matte red lipstick and shimmer/glitter everywhere during the Holidays. I do believe that glitter can be grown up looking, when done right.


This is my favorite matte red lipstick of all time, seriously, if you haven’t tried this one yet, WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN? It’s the perfect red with blue undertones aka your teeth will have never looked whiter. You can thank me later 😉 And below I linked some of my other favorite glittery makeup options.

The best gold glittery ( but still super pigmented ) eyeshadow

Strobe Cream aka a creamy highlighter that’s basically a moisturizer that makes you GLOW

Liquid gold glittery eyeshadow that can also be an awesome eyeliner

Glitter top coat for any lipstick


Hair is a different story. I would never want to tell someone how they should do their hair. That is completely personal preference. I love loose beach like waves, though. It looks very done and pretty, but also effortless. That look that I think we all go far all the time, ya know? Where it looks like we just woke up looking that fabulous, when really it did take some effort? I linked all the hair products I’ve been loving to get my waves below.

The curling iron I use – I use the 1 1/2 inch barrel

My favorite shine spray that also makes my hair literally feel like silk

Such a good volumizing spray that also works as my favorite texturizing spray


holiday_party_problem_solver holiday_party_problem_solver


BAM. You are officially Holiday Party ready!! CHEERS!


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