Hi ya’ll! Hows everyones November’s going so far? I personally am THRILLED just thinking about everything that’s happening these last weeks of 2017, and a big huge part of that is of course Christmas! I figured that I cannot be the only one who likes to be a psycho type A organized freak and get their shopping done, like, yesterday, soooo I am starting my gift guide series super duper early this year!

I’ll be sharing a gift guide for every possible type of person on your list, so tell your friends, tell your cat, tell you grandma, Bliss And Bubbly is going to be the place to browse for your holiday shopping this year, people!

Since Chris and I moved into our little rental house I’ve totally turned into a plant lover. I mean, I always kind of have been a plant lover but never really had the space for any plants. Now that I do have the space I’m going a little plant crazy and have to reign myself back in sometimes because we don’t need to be living in a green house, ya know LOL.

So for this first gift guide I thought I would share some ideas for the fellow plant lover in your life! Enjoy!


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  1. Bunch Of Dried Lavender – In my opinion, this would be a good gift for any woman in your life. It’s a perfect addition to a nightstand or a desk for the perfect pop of relaxation. Plus, it just looks gorgeous.
  2. Succulent Ornaments – I mean, how cute are these?! No explication necessary if ya ask me.
  3. Faux Fiddle Leaf Fig – I’ve wanted a Fiddle Leaf Fig for QUITE SOME TIME NOW. I’ve done some research, though, and the more friends I ask the more I’ve decided going with a fake one might be the best option. I guess they die super easily?! Anyways, Fiddle Leaf Figs, real or fake, are just gorgeous plants and would look fabulous in any plant lovers space!
  4. Wooden Bottle Holder – These are just so cute! Perfect holder for those dried Lavender stocks mentioned in number 1 🙂
  5. Dried Lavender – Dried lavender is seriously just a plant lovers must have. You can sprinkle some into a bath for an instant spa night at home, you can use it as an air freshener, you can add some to a spray bottle of distilled water and make your own Lavender facial toner. The possibilities with dried lavender are really just endless!
  6. Gold Herb Markers – Every plant lover is also an herb lover and these golden herb markers are just too chic to pass up. They would totally dress up any indoor herb garden.
  7. Grow A Cocktail Kit – Best idea ever! In this kit you can grow your own mint, basil, lavender and few other herbs perfect for cocktails. It also comes with really delicious cocktail recipes!
  8. Natural Wooden Planters – How gorgeous would that Fiddle Leaf Fig look in one of these planters?!
  9. Plant Dad Mug – Because not all plant lovers are women, right?!
  10. Cactus Pillow – This would look so cute on a desk chair, on a bed, on a couch, basically anywhere. Perfect pillow for a plant lover.

Happy shopping everyone! What are some super specific gift guides ya’ll want to see?? Let me know!!


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