Another gift guide comin hot, ya’ll!

Today I wanted to share a guide for the picky guy in your life. Which typing that kind of makes me laugh because when it comes to shopping for gifts for any guys in my life I find that they are ALL extremely picky. They say that women are hard to shop for, but we as women know that it’s actually the complete opposite, am I right? LOL

So I scoured like all of Etsy ( if you’re ever in doubt, search on Etsy, I swear you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for! ) and a few other sites and came up with this list. I’d say there are some pretty cool, unique finds on here that could work for most every type of guy in your life, weather they say they are picky or not 😉


  1. Men’s Cashmere Sweater – Every guy needs a cashmere sweater, just like every woman needs a cashmere sweater. They are just necessary, ok? Trust me on this. This is a great gift if you want to get your guy something nice but aren’t sure where to start.
  2. Personalized Cutting Board – If you have a guy in your life who loves to cook, this would be perfect! Plus I think a personalized touch makes anything special.
  3. Best Husband Ever Spoon – I mean, how cute is that?! And it’s from Etsy so it doesn’t have to say exactly that, you can order it to say whatever you want!
  4. Monogrammed Watch Box – If your guy is a watch collector, get him a nice box to place them in where they can stay organized and in great condition!
  5. Bose In Ear Bluetooth Headphones – I don’t know about ya’ll, but I feel like my boyfriend is just always in need of a new pair of headphones. These are super nice and have amazing reviews! These would also be a good stocking stuffer.
  6. Wooden Cuff Links – I just LOVE these. Any manly man that still has a need to dress up in a suit every once in awhile would appreciate the uniqueness of the wood.
  7. Personalized Whiskey Decanter Set – This is a pretty awesome gift if I say so myself. You can personalize the front and back of the decanter and it comes with two glasses that can also be personalized. Not just with initials either, like you can pretty much write a whole love note on this thing.
  8. Personalized Watch – I got my boyfriend a watch last year that had some personal engraving on the back of the face and it’s really special to us. It’s perfect because no one knows whats written there besides you & him. Just adds a really special touch to an already awesome gift for your guy.
  9. Hardware MultiTool – Every single guy needs one of these, right? Just feel like you can’t realllllly go wrong with tools…
  10. John Varvatos Fragrance Cofrett – Guys are always in search of cologne scents and I think some of them might feel weird going into somewhere and spending time smelling a bunch of them, ya know? So get him 4 different options in one!
  11. Assorted Business Socks – I think socks are kind of like headphones for guys, they just always need some. These would also be a good stocking stuffer!


What are some other super specific gift guides ya’ll wanna see this Christmas Season!?

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