Working With Women

A few weeks ago I had the privilege of doing a photoshoot completely for fun with three fabulous women, two of whom I had never met before that day. I don’t know why but I was sooo nervous! I knew that there was no pressure and the point of the shoot was for the photographer, hair stylist, and makeup artist to practice their work and get different experiences but I was just SO nervous.

I modeled with an agency a couple years ago for about a year and didn’t love it. I met some INCREDIBLE people ( which is how I was asked to do this photoshoot actually! ) and not all of it was bad, but looking back I was mentally & physically very unhealthy and always super stressed out. Not everyone was this way, but constantly being told you are not skinny enough, then being told you are too skinny, or that your hair wasn’t long enough or the right color. Or that your left eye was bigger than your right eye, so no sorry, we can’t cast you for this shoot, really starts to wear on a girl.

You just don’t forget comments like that, or how they made you feel at the time. ESPECIALLY when those comments came from other women. And those feelings can come back to you at random, for what may seem to be no good reason at all.

It doesn’t mean you don’t have great self confidence ( because we all do, RIGHT? ), it just means that we need to shift our mindsets a little bit, and be sure we have the right people in our lives.

This post isn’t meant to be a sob story, or like an oh poor Madison post, though. This post is meant to bring up the women who are a little scared to work with other women. We’ve all had experiences that made us feel less than enough, and we probably won’t forget them, but instead of letting them bring us down, we need to replace them with experiences that bring us UP.

Which is what happened a few Sunday’s ago with this amazing team of women I had the opportunity to work with. And I now feel like I have three amazing women I get to call friends that I didn’t have before.

WE HAD SO MUCH FUN. I honestly had forgotten how much fun playing with clothes, hair, makeup and a camera could be! I realized it’s all about who you surround yourself with.

I can look at these pictures and feel so great about that day and it makes me so happy!

hair_how_to hair_how_to hair_how_to

And I’m not saying you need to go set up a photoshoot with hair and makeup to realize that there are other women out there who you can work with to change your bad experiences to good ones. What I am saying is that is possible to find women in whatever industry you are in, weather that’s your job, a hobby you have, or even just certain stores you like to shop at, that have a similar view that you do, that can change your bad experiences to good ones.

I know, I know, you’re like “but how am I supposed to find these women?!” I don’t have a step by step plan that can help, unfortunately. My advice is to not get discouraged! Keep putting yourself out there and meeting new people anyway, anytime that you can! I can promise you that sooner or later you will find some like minded women who probably have been looking for the same thing you have!

It’s so important to bring yourself, and the people around you UP, not down. It really just makes all the difference in the whole world.

I thought it would be so fun to include how these curls were achieved! So, I had Emily write out an easy step by step on how to achieve these curls:


Photographer: Jami Clayman | Makeup Artist: Trish Halker | Hair Stylist: Emily Alders

If you are in the Dallas/Fort Worth area and need a photographer, makeup artist or hair stylist, those are your girls!!

What are ya’lls favorite ways to meet new friends?!


The $21 Dollar Amazon Dress You Didn’t Know You Needed


Happy Monday! I thought we would start the week off with a little bit of my favorite summer style – DRESSES. If I could wear a dress every single day of the warmer months, I would. And by warmer months ( I live in Texas ) I mean like more than half the year haha.

I’m learning that it’s hard, though, to find cute, QUALITY dresses that don’t completely break the bank. Total summer bummer. That is until last week when my trusty Amazon addiction did me so well yet again!

I was actually searching for organic onesies for Chris’s sisters baby shower next weekend and ya know when you click on item Amazon shows other items frequently bought with that item or similar items? Well for some reason this dress popped up under similar items while I was looking at this super cute Olive You organic once.

I was immediately drawn to the fun coloring so I clicked on it on saw that it’s originally from SheIn. If you’ve never heard of Shein before I’m so glad I have the pleasure of introducing the two of you! It’s a clothing website that sells super duper inexpensive clothes that are ADORABLE. I never visit that website and don’t want to buy like 297495 things. The only iffy thing is that because the clothes are so inexpensive you run the risk of them not being of the greatest quality when they arrive on your doorstep. I’ve gotten very lucky and everything I’ve ordered from there has turned out to be awesome, but I’ve heard some horror stories as well. Basically, just gotta risk it I guess LOL.

This dress, though, is PERFECTION. You can get it from the actual site for $20, but I chose to order it for $21 from Amazon Prime because when ordering from their website things can take a few weeks to arrive, where as with Prime it arrives within a couple days.

PS Try to ignore the wrinkles…. currently don’t have an iron LOL.

affordable_summer_dress affordable_summer_dress

affordable_summer_dress affordable_summer_dress affordable_summer_dress

Not only is it made with quality fabric, it isn’t see through what so ever, it’s super lightweight and breathable ( hi, Texas humidity ) and IT HAS POCKETS. I love that it’s color blocked, and the cut around the waist is super flattering!

Keep in mind that I am 5’10 so unfortunately every single dress I put on ( unless it’s a midi or a maxi ) looks exxxxtra short, so it probably won’t look as short as it does on me, on you. I also find that the coloring of this dress actually makes my skin look like it has a little color!

I paired it with nude sandals & a nude cross body bag and totally plan on wearing it to Chris’s sisters baby shower. After all, I did find it while searching for gifts for her :).

It would also be a cute dress for date night, brunch with your girlfriends, or even a comfy outfit paired with some cute patterned espadrilles for running errands.

Just an overall summer MUST HAVE in my opinion.

Do ya’ll love dresses as much as I do?! What are some quality, affordable brands you guys have discovered?

Updated Home Decor Wishlist

Happy Thursday! I’m not sure if I’ve shared this on here yet or not, but Chris and I are currently in the process of moving! I hate moving in the sense that packing is annoying and until you’re completely unpacked everything is just everywhere and you can never find anything when you need it. I love moving in the sense that it’s the perfect time to purge and get rid of everything you don’t need ( one of my favorite things EVER ) and I personally just kind of feel like it’s the perfect excuse to do a little redecorating 😉 I mean, new space new decorations, totally justifiable over here in Madison Land.

Anyone that knows me well would describe my style as “farmhouse” which I love. But sometimes I’m torn and see gorgeous rooms on Instagram that anything but farmhouse and want everything to be all boho chic with pops of gorgeous color and geometric patterns everywhere. Unfortunately the two styles just really don’t go well together ( at least not for me ) so I have to really go with what I truly love and with what works for Chris and I.

If I had my dream home everything would be wide open, white & marble with natural wood accents and hues of green with indoor plants scattered throughout the house. Chris thinks I’m nuts because “our house can’t be white” but I’m like uhhhh yes it can LOL. So finding that balance where our space feels light, open and clean, while making Chris happy with different colored accents has been a really fun challenge!

I chose the color green to add accents because I find it a very calming color. I want our home to be a relaxing space where we, and anyone that comes over, feels at home, comfortable and calm.

To add more green I’ve been on an indoor plant kick lately and can’t wait to go pick some more up when we are able to officially move in. They purify your air and can fill in an empty corner where you aren’t sure what to put there. I’m super excited and will probably do a whole post on indoor plants when the time comes.

So while I’ve been slowly going insane looking at all the clutter and boxes until we can move in and unpack ( and finally ORGANIZE the shiz out of everything ) I have been online shopping like it’s my job.

I’ve put together this collage so ya’ll can see what’s in all my online carts! Happy shopping 🙂


#1. Indoor Palm Plant

#2. White Plant Stand

#3. Gold Framed Mirror – I plan on getting two of these and putting one above each of our nightstands on the wall.

#4. Ceramic Cactus Decorations

#5. Farmhouse Shelving Unit – Would love to use this as a makeshift bar cart!

#6. Nude Frayed Throw Pillow – How cozy would this look on the bed?!

#7. Nude Quilted Throw Pillows – Teddy totally destroyed our other couch pillows, so perfect excuse for a new pair!

#8. Clear Storage Containers – Target has multiple sizes of these! I plan on using them for pretty bathroom storage for my epsom salts, cotton pads, things like that.

#9. Woven Basket – So cute to store extra throw blankets in for the living room.

#10. Round Woven Baskets W/Lids – Saw these online on Ikea and couldn’t resist. So good for bathroom storage for things you use regularly, so don’t want stuffed in a closet, but don’t want visible either, like nail polish! Ya know?

#11. String Lights – These will be strung across our headboard in place of lamps on our nightstands.

#12. Marble Trays – I want to use the small for the bathroom counter to hold the soap & toothbrush holder. I’ll use the big one as a perfume/cologne tray on our dresser in our bedroom.

#13. Distressed Floral Knobs – I found these at Hobby Lobby and am OBSESSED. Chris is building us some farmhouse nightstands and I’m going to put these knobs on the drawers.

#14. Acrylic Drawer Organizer – I plan getting a few of these. Our new bathroom has drawers under the sink instead of cabinets so these will be perfect for organizing my makeup and other things I don’t want cluttering our counter space.

#15. White Clock – I love this clock! I will probably re paint the numbers with this pretty light green chalk paint that I have so it goes with our other decor better.

#16. Striped Throw Blankets – These are only $19 from Target and they are super lightweight, soft, and perfect for the couch! I love that colors are super neutral and not too bright. I seriously can’t decide on which one I want the most!

I seriously am SO excited to move in and get my organization & decorating on! Is it crazy how happy home decor makes me? Maybe don’t answer that LOL.

I also plan on switching us from tacky plastic hangers to these gorgeous nude velvet hangers. They take up way less space ( hi, more room for new clothes! ) and garments will not fall off of them. I want to use the nude for my clothes and get some black ones for Chris’s clothes.

ALSO, new space means stocking up on my favorite candle of allllll time. Not only is it gold so it matches but you guys, the smell, like I wish I could bathe in it and I am not even kidding. If I could have a lifetime supply of this candle I could die a happy woman.

Do you guys love home decor as much as I do?! What are you best organization tips for moving into a new space?

My Daily Vitamin Cocktail

Vitamins! We all know were supposed to take them, BUT WHICH ONES? There are so many to choose from. And so many brands! Knowing what to take can be kind of stressful ( at least it is for me ). Luckily my boyfriend, Chris ( and his mom ) know basically all there is to know about vitamins & supplements and what to take for what bodily issue and when.

Since all of us don’t have a Chris to ask every time we have a question about a vitamin, I thought I’d share my personal vitamin cocktail with ya’ll in hopes it might help some of you.

Here is what I take & why:


  1. BOSWELLIA: I personally have a lot of joint inflammation issues and it’s been a painful, stressful, exhausting journey figuring out what works for me and my body in terms of being able to move and use my joints normally ( without taking prescribed medication ). Boswellia is a natural growing tree native it India and is the best natural alternative treatment for arthritis. Last summer I couldn’t even go for a half a mile walk without my hips, knees and ankles freezing up for days afterwards, making normal movements very hard, leaving me in tears and serious pain. Not ideal. I take Boswellia twice a day and have hardly any joint issues! Some days are harder than others and some activities still aren’t as easy as they should be, but I attribute how much better my joints feel to Boswellia.
  2. KRILL OIL: Krill Oil is my alternative to Fish Oil ( Fish Oil gives me the grosses fishy tasting burps I just can’t handle that ), which means it has all the same awesome benefits! Packed with Omega 3 fatty acids ( EPA & DHA ) can lower cholesterol and prevent blood clots. It is also anti inflammatory ( WIN ), and can help with better digestion. It keeps everything in your body moving along just how it should be. It also eases PMS symptoms, helps your skin glow from the inside out, helps keep your hair healthy, shiny, and growing, and can even help brighten your mood.
  3. VITAMIN B – 12: Taking B 12 benefits your mood, your memory, your digestion, your skin & hair, and your energy levels. I mean, what more do you need to know?
  4. GOAT MILK PROBIOTIC BLEND: Probiotics are important for keeping your gut healthy and working as smooth as possible. There are millions of probiotics out there, I’ve been taking this one because Chris got it from Swanson’s and it’s been working great for him & I. Its formulated from happy healthy goats milk, where they are raised with no hormones, they are free to graze on pesticide and herbicide free land is formulated to ensure that the beneficial microorganisms remain active while passing through the digestive system.

daily_vitmain_cocktail daily_vitmain_cocktail

Here’s my best advice: Do. Your. Research. Listen to your body, it will always tell you what it needs! I am by no means a doctor or a vitamin specialist or nutritionist. I take what makes me feel better and would love to help someone else that may suffer from the same issues I suffer from.

What are ya’lls ride or die vitamins or supplements?! And why?



Happy Monday everybody! This is going to be a GREAT week, wanna know why? Because tomorrow, July 11th, is AMAZON PRIME DAY. In case you’re new here, Amazon Prime is one of my favorite things on earth. I feel like Prime Day is like the Black Friday of July? But better because anything you buy will be delivered to your door within two days and you don’t have to battle insane lines/people.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • It’s a day for Prime members ( including trial & student memberships! )
  • It begins TONIGHT ( July 10th ) at 9 pm EST.

The Deals:

  • “Spotlight” means there is limited stock.
  • “Savings” sale promotions that will last all day.
  • “lighting” quick sales, be on the lookout!

What To Do:

The thing with Amazon is they have EVERYTHING you could possibly need. Whether you are wanting to just do a little online shopping for yourself, try some fabulous new skincare products, or stock up on home essentials.

Here’s the top 10 of what’s in my cart & the sales I’m looking out for:

  1. Clear Silicone Makeup Sponges.
  2. Book on Homemade Beauty Products.
  3. Light Up Travel Makeup Mirror.
  4. InstaNatural Vitamin C Serum.
  5. Super Chic White & Gold Makeup Brush Set.
  6. Super Cute Maxi Dress.
  7. White Dutch Oven For Our Kitchen.
  8. A Citrus Squeezer to make your life a million times easier.
  9. Silk Pillowcase.
  10. Cute Dog Bed for Teddy for Our New House.

What are you guys planning on ordering this Prime Day?!

July Reading List

I trust everyone had a fun, safe & patriotic Fourth yesterday! 🙂 I spent it with Chris and his family, cooking, eating, swimming and drinking homemade Watermelon Margaritas ( toooo good ), then driving around watching tons of different firework shows. What did ya’ll do?

Since it is the beginning of the month, you know what that means – BOOK CLUB! This month Chris and I are moving and it has me on a total redecoration kick. Since we are on a pretty tight budget and I can’t buy all new everything ( like I wish I could LOL ) I am planning on making small, inexpensive changes throughout our spaces that will make a big difference in the over all look of the different rooms.

One of my favorite things in our living room is our coffee table, and one of the easiest ways to spice up the living room is with redecorating the coffee table. Perfect!

I love a clean, organized look. Which means my ideal coffee table is equipped with a pretty tray, my all time favorite candle, a couple coffee table books & is crumb free ( HINTY HINTY, CHRIS ).

For Book Club this month I’m sharing the coffee table books that are in my Amazon cart currently, you know, just in case some of you want to re do your whole living room, but unfortunately cannot LOL.


one | two | three | four | five | six


How do ya’ll like to decorate your coffee tables?

Summertime Guide To Natural Deodorants ( That Actually Work! )

I’ve spoken on here about my journey with natural deodorants before, and yes it has been A JOURNEY. I honestly didn’t even really need deodorant at all until a year or two ago ( thanks a whole lot hormonal changes #NOT ) and I knew for 100% sure that I was not going to be putting aluminum & other toxic cancer causing agents that are packed into regular deodorants straight into my glands. This only left one option – test out millions of natural deodorants until I found one I liked!

If you are curious about whether or not the deodorant you are currently using is toxic, or not, I’ve listed out the ingredients to watch out for in this post here.

This blog all about honesty, and being REAL with ya’ll. Even if that means getting down & dirty.

So, the thing is, I don’t need deodorant because I sweat a lot, I need it to avoid getting that gross BO smell, especially when I’m stressed out ( I’m sure I can’t be the only one ). My armpits don’t get that wet, sweaty feeling, but sometimes they do get stinky.

natural_deodorants natural_deodorants natural_deodorants natural_deodorants

The first natural deodorant I tried was TOMS. It worked great for a couple months but then something changed and every time I applied it I would sweat like crazy. It was so weird! So I experimented and on days I didn’t wear it I had no sweat at all, then on days I did wear it, you guessed it, my armpits were like actually sweating. It didn’t stink, so it was doing it’s job in that perspective, but it was making me sweat! Not gonna work LOL.

Next, I tried Schmidt’s.. I was gifted the Lavender + Sage scent from Chris’s mom and LOVED it. However, after using it for a few weeks I began getting this horrific rash in my armpits. I mean horrific. It was bright red, covered my whole underarm area, burned, itched, all my clothes irritated it, I couldn’t shave over it because it was too painful, and my skin literally started to peel off in chunks. I stopped using the deodorant and it took like three months for the rash to completely disappear. I know that is common when first using a natural deodorant because your body is finally able to release the toxins that a toxic deodorant was keeping inside your body, but I have never even used a toxic deodorant so I knew that couldn’t be the cause. I assumed I was just allergic to one of the ingredients, even though they were all all natural. I spoke to Chris’s sister about it and she said the same thing happened to her! So I’m not sure the cause. I did try the unscented version and didn’t get a rash. So I’m guessing it was the scent. Chris uses the Bergamot + Lime scent and he loves it! However, he has gotten a bit of the same kind of rash his sister & I got soooo….. maybe we’re all allergic! He still uses this brand though.

She suggested I try Arm & Hammer Essentials Natural. Total win. It’s very inexpensive, you can buy it anywhere, and it works great. As long as you don’t actually get sweaty…. I would recommend this deodorant to wear to work if you work in an air conditioned space or somewhere where no sweating is involved, because it will last all day and works great, as long as you stay cool.

So, still on the hunt, I searched Amazon and came across the brand Funkless. Not only is the name hilarious, the ingredients are so minimal it’s too good to pass up. I’ve been using it for about three months now and have had zero issues! I love it! No rash, it keeps the stink away, and doesn’t cause weird sweating issues LOL. It’s everything you need, with nothing you don’t. I mean, really though, what more could you ask for in a natural deodorant?

I’ve learned that I just have very sensitive skin and just must plan accordingly. So a fun little hack I’ve learned is that the days I shave my armpits I moisturize them with some Coconut Oil when I get out of the shower and that acts as a moisturizer, it keeps the ingrown hairs away and works just fine as a deodorant for the day! Just one more way Coconut Oil basically saves our lives everyday LOL.

Totally don’t want to jinx it but I think I’ll be able to use this one for awhile! And I’m excited about that!

REMEMBER that these are just my personal experiences and we all have different types of skin and different hormones, so you may react differently to something than I have. SO BY ALL MEANS try every single kind I’ve tried, or not, totally up to you! Just don’t let my experiences scare you away from certain brands. Make sense?

What are some natural deodorants ya’ll would recommend?

Cheers! Madison

10 Best Cooling Beauty Products For Summer

Weather you live in Texas like I do where it’s a perfect summer day if the humidity is below is 75% and the temperature is below 95 degrees, or not, we all need a little cooling boost every once in awhile during these scorching summer months. RIGHT? And since the best parts of summer involve cooling down by  diving into a cold, refreshing pool & sipping a spicy margarita, that just isn’t possible for most of us since summer isn’t an actual 3 month vacation… we settle for the next very best thing: cooling beauty products!

Well I searched and searched and found the best of the best ( in my opinion obviously )! These are all things you can use in the morning, or at night, bring with you to the pool, stash in your purse for random all day use, or give as gifts to your friends with summer birthdays!

Using these products is like giving yourself a mini vacation, and you’ll love yourself for it. There really is nothing better or more relaxing in the summer than being able to actually cool off & relax.

Ok, let’s get to it, shall we?


one | two | three | four | five | six | seven | eight | nine | ten

  1. First Aid Beauty Detox Eye Roller – First of all, I LOVE anything from First Aid Beauty. They just know what’s up. Second of all, this product is formulated with caffeine, sodium hyaluronate, and botanical derived antioxidants to reduce fine lines, de puff, combat free radicals, and reduce dark circles. PLUS it has a metal roller ball which is the “cooling” aspect. Sign me up for this one for sure!
  2. Hampton Sun Shimmer Cooling Spray – A spritz anywhere cooling mist that also gives you a shimmery glow at the same time? This may be the only product you need at all, all summer!
  3. Yes To Cucumbers Cooling Hydrating Cucumber Mist – I love the Yes To brand. I’m pretty proud of the fact that I have tried almost every product they have and have literally never not been OBSESSED with it. This product is no exception. I also love the Grapefruit mist. Both are even more refreshing when kept in the fridge.
  4. Hansdema Ice Roller – I’ve dedicated a whole entire post to this baby right here. My obsession with this is so real that I use it every single day. Not just in the summer. Not only does it help increase cell reproduction in the face and reduce fine lines ( it’s basically an at home ice facial every morning ) but you can also use it to relieve headaches, sore muscles or burns.
  5. Korres After Sun – A lotion/gel hybrid formulated with greek yogurt to be super hydrating, and super cooling for after a day spent in the sun ( especially if you keep it in the fridge )!
  6. Milk Makeup Cooling Water – I mean, honestly, you just cannot pass up the branding on anything by Milk AM I RIGHT? But not only do they have fab branding, their products are incredible. This product in particular definitely has a cult following & for great reason. It’s a seawater & caffeine infused moisturizing stick, without the thick creaminess of a typical moisturizer. Perfect for those summer days spent at the beach or the pool where the thought of rubbing thick cream into your face is just not ideal.
  7. Evian Facial Spray – This also has a cult following, especially with makeup artists. Every single time I have ever gotten my makeup done for any kind of occasion this product is involved. It’s mineral water and it’s ulllltra hydrating for your skin. In my opinion, your skin just can’t be too hydrated, especially in the summertime.
  8. Peter Thomas Roth Cucumber De – Puff De – Tox Eye Cubes – I’ve used the Peter Thomas Roth cucumber eye pads before ( and loved them, of course ) but never these pods! You freeze the pods, then pop them into something, then rub them around your eyes. I’m very intrigued.
  9. Caswell Massey Cucumber Eye Pads – More cucumber, I know, it’s just SO cooling & hydrating for that thin, sensitive skin around the eyes, I just can’t get enough! Plus this product is just too cute to pass up. Think of the cute selfies possible with these on your eyes 😉
  10. The Body Shop Peppermint Foot Scrub – This product is meant to exfoliate your feet, and the peppermint makes it automatically very cooling. I’ve used it to exfoliate my legs and arms as well, and it feels AMAZING. You need to try it!

What are some of ya’lls favorite cooling beauty products? How do you guys cool off in these hot summer months?!

Cheers! Madison

Shaving Vs. Waxing ( The Bikini Zone )


Hey hey everybody. Happy summer! Even though it’s been 95 degrees and above for about three weeks here in Texas… I love it though! People think I’m nuts, but it’s true! When we first moved here 8 years ago ( omg I cannot believe that it has been that long wow I feel old ) I kept saying how I couldn’t wait for the super hot weather. We were coming from Idaho where you definitely get all 4 seasons, which is wonderful, but it’s just a biiiiit too cold for me. Everyone told me, “oh, give it a year or two, you’ll be so sick of the summers here!” Well, surprise everyone, I’m still obsessed! The humidity can definitely be draining, but hey, that’s what the pool & a spicy margarita are for, am I right? 😉


Pool equal swimsuits. Swimsuits equal shaving those legs, underarms & bikini areas we may have let go of just a little bit during the winter months. Unless you are ok with letting your body hair grow free, you do you girl! And probably just skip this post and go onto the next one LOL because this post is all about getting rid of that body hair.

So, a little background, I have pretty sensitive skin. ESPECIALLY my bikini area. But I had always just shaved all my hair down there off & kind of did what I could to deal with the side effects.

And by side effects I mean horrific razor burn, huge red bumps all over the place, itchiness and redness. So NOT ideal. Especially when you’ve gotta wear a bikini where your skin down there will be shown off to everyone at the pool. And believe me, I’ve tried all the things to not get razor burn… my skin just doesn’t like razors! Even on my legs.

I started using coconut oil in place of lotion a few year ago  and that did cut down on the bumps, redness & itching by a lot, but still didn’t completely get rid of it. About 2 years ago Chris and I were about to go on our first little vacation together and I was like “omg I CANT have razor burn all over the place for this trip” so I looked into waxing.

I had never even had my eyebrows waxed before so I was a total newbie. I looked up a few places online, found one I liked, and made my first appointment for a Brazilian Wax.

Yes, I was terrified, and yes I seriously considered chugging a whole bottle of wine beforehand ( but then I remembered how that makes your skin more sensitive ), but I figured it had to be better than shaving every other day so I did it!

Here’s what happens ( if you’ve never done it and you’re terrified like I was ):

You walk in, they call you back to a small private room, they give you some wipes, tell you to take your pants & panties off and clean up a little bit with the wipes, you lay down on the table, they come back in, and then it begins. You lay on your back with your legs in a butterfly position. Yes it’s awkward for a few seconds because you’re just spread eagle in front of a woman you just met, but the thing is, they are a woman as well, so it’s not like it’s something they’ve never seen before, and it’s their job, THEY ARE NOT THERE TO JUDGE YOU.

They start by cleansing the area to remove any oils, lotions or makeup that may be on the skin. Next they shake on some baby powder to really reduce irritation and protect your skin. They begin with the wax on the outside edges of both sides, then the “top” like the very very bottom of your stomach where the hair stops. They use a wooden tool to apply and spread the warm wax onto your skin, then they wait a minute or two for it to dry & harden. They quickly remove the wax with their hands. This is the key thing!! Find somewhere that uses warm wax. NOT THE STRIPS. When they have to remove the wax with a cloth or paper, it tends to remove some of your skin with it and it is waaaaaay more painful. Trust me. Then they move to the middle ( the most painful spot ). My waxer does both sides at once. ITS AMAZING. The pain is over with so quickly it’s like it didn’t even happen. Shout out to Jana LOL. Then comes the butt. The easiest part. You have to lay in kind of a strange position but I’m telling you it doesn’t hurt AT ALL. It’s last and such a relief!

I’m not going to lie to ya’ll, overall, the first one is a pretty painful experience. But the thing is, the pain lasts for the amount of time it takes them to tear the wax off ( aka maybe 3 seconds per section ) and then it doesn’t hurt anymore! It’s totally one of those things that you make waaaay worse in your head before you go and then it’s over and you’re like oh wow that was super easy.

Amazing things that happen afterwards: the hair doesn’t grow back for at least three weeks! And since the wax pulls the hair straight out of the follicle ( instead of slicing it right below  skin level like shaving ) when it does grow back it’s much thinner and sparser. Your skin will be red, but it goes away within hours. You won’t have bumps, irritation, itching, or burning of any kind. Waxing also removes the top layer of dead skin cells, so you are getting exfoliation at the same time, which means your skin down there is going to be softer than it’s ever been!


I’ve been getting them regularly for like 6 months now and I will never go back to shaving. Like never. It just works for me. And the even more amazing thing is, when you get them regularly ( every 4 – 5 weeks depending on your hair growth ) the hairs all start to grow in the same direction, which means its less painful every time. Literally when I go now I don’t even get nervous, I actually get excited, because it’s such a piece of cake and then I don’t have to worry about it for a month!

Honestly it’s just very efficient, way better for your skin, and a total game changer for bikini season. It’s one of my favorite things in my self care routine.

Also, Chris is obsessed as well, just like I’m sure all of your boyfriends or husbands would be too ;).

Takeaways: Find somewhere that does hot wax, with no strips. Don’t shave for three weeks beforehand. DON’T BE NERVOUS. Apply some coconut oil afterwards when you get home.


Who else has made the switch to waxing?! I’m thinking about going all out next time and doing my legs & underarms as well. Anyone else do that? Thoughts?

Cheers! Madison

Major 4th of July Outfit Inspo

I’ve probably said this 29375 times on here but can you believe how fast this year is going?! I mean the fact that we’re about to celebrating the 4th is CRAZY. This means I’m over halfway to 25 and I’m freakin out a little LOL.

Anywhoo. The 4th of July is Chris’s favorite holiday because #America & he “gets to blow stuff up”. Can’t really argue with that haha. I love it too! I love any holiday that involves celebrating with family, an excuse for delicious food, and basically any reason I get to be “festive” in any way at all. I like to get festive with the food I bring, the decorations ( even if it’s not my house or my party…. ) and especially with my outfits!

We actually don’t even have any set plans yet, but even if we just bbq with Chris’s family ( my family will be out of town ) and spend time at the pool before lighting fireworks off, I still want to be dressed up, because that’s just who I am!


one | two | three | four | five | six | seven | eight | nine | ten | eleven | twelve


What are ya’ll planning on wearing/doing this 4th?! I need ideas!

Cheers! Madison

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